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Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay

Past Events

Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Modeling Workshop

This one-day workshop connected researchers with resource managers and stakeholders to support decision making around Chesapeake Bay water quality and ecosystem health. This workshop identified the state-of-the-art modeling, especially where relevant satellite data sets are used. Interaction among a broad range of attendees helped to further interagency and academic efforts and outline next steps.

Interagency Workshop on Societal Applications of Satellite Data for the Chesapeake Bay

This one-day interagency workshop was focused on current applications and future opportunities for satellite data and products to support decision making around the Chesapeake Bay in the context of coastal and inland aquatic ecosystems and water quality. An interactive format welcomed representatives from a broad range of backgrounds to provide unique perspectives on aquatic data needs, including middle agency providers of data, policy analysts and businesses.


The Interagency Chesapeake Bay Working Group connects remote sensing scientists with resource managers to advance local applications of satellite data products related to water quality and other indicators of ecosystem health.

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