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Climate and Environmental Health

We approach climate and health challenges through the lens of One Health, recognizing that the health of people is connected to the health of animals, plants, and our environment. The ultimate goal of the group is to increase the use of NASA data, models, and expert knowledge to identify, protect, and improve public health.

HIGHLIGHT Figure from Thomas et al. 2020 showing the prevailing wind and moisture transport regimes associated with daytime and nighttime heat waves in the midwestern United States.

Thomas et al. (2020) examines daytime and nighttime heat waves between 1980-2018. The figure shows low-level winds (top panels) and vertically integrated moisture flux (bottom) during daytime (left) and nighttime (right) heat wave days in the midwestern United States (green outline). Nighttime heat waves are associated with stronger low-level winds (b) and increased moisture transport (d) from the Gulf of Mexico. Daytime heat wave days occur when low-level winds (a) and moisture transport (c) are relatively weak. Read the full article here.


CHIKRisk - mapping, monitoring, and forecasting Chikungunya risk

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Air quality and wildfires
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