Goddard Applied Sciences

Connecting NASA researchers with interagency activities and partnerships to facilitate practical and innovative uses of Earth observations for societal benefit in six thematic areas:


Photo of Dr. Stephanie Schollaert Uz
Dr. Stephanie Schollaert Uz
Applied Sciences Manager
Stephanie Schollaert Uz (610/NASA) leads Applied Science activities at Goddard to connect NASA researchers across the Earth Sciences Division with end users, developing external partnerships to facilitate practical and innovative uses of Earth observations for societal benefit.
Dr. Helen Amos
Dr. Helen Amos
Applications Scientist
Helen Amos (610/SSAI) has expertise in atmospheric chemistry and public health. She serves as Applications Scientist to facilitate the application of Goddard basic and applied research and data products toward addressing environmental health challenges.
Photo of Dr. Morgaine McKibben
Dr. Morgaine McKibben
NASA Postdoctoral Fellow
Morgaine McKibben (610/USRA) has a background in coastal and estuarine biological oceanography, satellite oceanography, and harmful algal blooms. She is currently investigating practical applications of satellite-based hyperspectral information for phytoplankton monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay.
Dr. Amita Mehta
Dr. Amita Mehta
Applied Research Scientist
Amita Mehta (612/UMBC) advances applied research across the Earth Sciences Division, supporting satellite mission development, stakeholder engagement, and synergistic activities with Applied Remote Sensing Training.
Photo of Dr. Mukul Sonwalkar
Dr. Mukul Sonwalkar
Applied Sciences Data Specialist
Mukul Sonwalkar (610/SSAI) has broad experience applying data systems and geoinformatics to solve environmental challenges. He supports Goddard Applied Sciences by working with external stakeholders to facilitate their access to NASA science and data products that are transitioning to the cloud.

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