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2018 Highlights

GAS 2018 Highlights

Upcoming Events

Chesapeake Bay Working Group: Kick-off Meeting
5.29.18 @ 11am, 28:N270
Air Quality & Health Working Group Meeting
5.29.18 @ 1pm, 33:H118
Air Quality & Health Working Group Meeting
6.11.18 @ 1pm, 33:E108
Climate Applications Working Group Meeting
6.13.18 @ 3:30pm, 33:G133
Disasters Working Group Meeting
6.18.18 @ 11am, 33:A128
Goddard Applied Sciences seminar: Quantifying the Socioeconomic Benefits of Earth Observations in Decision-Making
6.18.18 @ 3pm, 33:H114
Combined Water Applications and Mission Applications Working Group Meeting - GPM Disease Workshop Overview
6.20.18 @ 3pm, 33:A128

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Goddard Applied Sciences brings together Goddard's vast Earth Science resources for societal benefit. Goddard Applied Sciences coordinates projects funded by a variety of NASA programs and missions, connects NASA researchers with end users, supports interagency activities, and develops external partnerships. Activities span the range of the Earth Sciences; current working groups include air quality, climate, water and natural disaster-related applications.

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Stephanie Uz
Applied Sciences Manager

Brendan McAndrew
Applied Sciences Coordinator

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