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Connecting NASA researchers with interagency activities and partnerships to facilitate practical and innovative uses of Earth observations for societal benefit in six thematic areas:

Upcoming Seminars

Dr. Blake Schaeffer

Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Dr. Blake Schaeffer | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
8.17.20 @ 12pm (EDT)

Satellite technology and methods to derive water quality products have primarily focused on oceanic waters and are significantly improving in coastal, estuarine, and inland waters. My work focuses on the use of satellite observations in optically complex and shallow coastal waters, which traditionally have been challenging environments for remote sensing applications. My research niche is the development of applications using “ocean color” technologies and optical instruments to meet end-user needs for water quality monitoring and assessment. Generally, interests include the use of field-based optical instruments and satellite remote sensing data to study ecosystem exposures, dynamics and responses.

Charlotte Wagner

Societal Implications, Fate, and Transport of Persistent Contaminants in the Ocean
Charlotte Wagner, PhD Candidate | Harvard University, John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Past Seminars

Dr. John Balbus (NIEHS)

How Climate Changes Health and Why You Should Care
Dr. John Balbus | NIEHS

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Drs. Shanna McClain (NASA HQ) & Andrew Kruczkiewicz (IRI)

Earth Observations for Humanitarian Action: Creating a Community of Practice
Dr. Shanna McClain | NASA HQ
Andrew Kruczkiewicz | Columbia's Earth Institute and Climate and Society


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Dr. Antonio Mannino

Observing Coastal Ocean Processes and Hazards from Space at Hourly Frequency with GLIMR*: NASA’s 5th Earth Venture Instrument
Dr. Antonio Mannino | NASA GSFC

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Sean Griffin

Data Science for Disaster Management
Sean Griffin | Disaster Technologies Incorporated

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Gen. Gerald Galloway

Challenges in Effective Management of Water Resources
Prof. Gerald Galloway | University of Maryland

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