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Connecting NASA researchers with interagency activities and partnerships to facilitate practical and innovative uses of Earth observations for societal benefit in six thematic areas:

Air Quality Chesapeake Bay Climate Applications Disasters Food Security Mission Applications

Upcoming Seminars

Sean M. Griffin
Data Science for Disaster Management
Sean Griffin | Disaster Technologies Incorporated
1.27.20 @ 12pm, B33:H114

Sean M. Griffin is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Disaster Technologies Incorporated, bringing a lifelong commitment to public service and over a decade of experience in disaster management and policy making, including service as Director for Incident Management Integration Policy at the White House under two US Presidents. Sean is also on the Board of Directors for non profit Global Outreach Doctors. Sean has a wealth of experience from full time positions at the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, Department of State, and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Sean has written for the National Academies of Science, Slate Magazine, Morning Consult, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the White House Blog. Sean is an active duty veteran of the United States Navy with a Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering Technology.

Prof. Genl. Gerry Galloway
Water Resource Policy and Flood Risk Management
Prof. Genl. Gerry Galloway | University of Maryland
Sergio Peçanha
The Societal Relevance of Satellite Data for Amazon Fires
Sergio Peçanha | Washington Post
Dr. Blake Schaeffer
Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
Dr. Blake Schaeffer | US Environmental Protection Agency
Dr. Antonio Mannino
Mission Status of PACE and GLIMR
Dr. Antonio Mannino | NASA GSFC, Ocean Ecology Laboratory
Drs. Shanna McClain (NASA HQ) & Andrew Kruczkiewicz (IRI)
From Data to Decisions: NASA Earth observations for Disaster Response
Dr. Shanna McClain | NASA HQ
Dr. Andrew Kruczkiewicz | The International Research Institute for Climate and Society

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