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AGU Fall 2018 Meeting
12.10-12.14 | Washington, D.C.
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Air Quality and Health Working Group Meeting
12.17.18 @ 1pm | B33:E108
Goddard Applied Sciences Seminar
DARPA World Modelers: Machine Assistance for Causal Analysis and Control of the World's Complex Systems
Joshua Elliott, DARPA Information Innovation Office
1.14.19 @ 3pm | B33:G133 (note different location)

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Climate Applications Working Group Meeting
12.18.18 @ 1pm | B33:G133
Mission Applications Working Group Meeting
1.31.18 @ 1pm | B33:A128

Upcoming ARSET Webinars

Remote Sensing for Conservation & Biodiversity
ONLINE | 1.22.19 and 1.24.19 | 10am-11am and 6pm-7pm (EST)

Recent Events

Goddard Applied Sciences Seminar
Harvest: a NASA Consortium on Agriculture and Food Security
Chris Justice, University of Maryland/Harvest
Air Quality and Health Working Group Meeting
Disasters Working Group Seminar
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (World Bank)
Mission Applications Working Group Meeting
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11.3.1 Meeting
Special Seminar
What's new in the IPCC Special Report on 1.5C?
Natalie Mahowald, Cornell University

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Goddard Applied Sciences connects NASA researchers with end users, supports interagency activities, and develops external partnerships to facilitate practical and innovative uses of Earth observations for societal benefit. Current working groups: Chesapeake Bay, Climate Applications, Air Quality and Health, Disasters, and Mission Applications.

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