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Non-Refereed Publications

Refereed Publications for 2022

Ahmad, J. A., B. A. Forman, and S. V. Kumar. 2022. "Soil moisture estimation in South Asia via assimilation of SMAP retrievals." Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 26 (8): 2221-2243 [10.5194/hess-26-2221-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Alemu, W. G., and C. S. Neigh. 2022. "Desert Locust Cropland Damage Differentiated from Drought, with Multi-Source Remote Sensing in Ethiopia." Remote Sensing. 14 (7): 1723 [10.3390/rs14071723] [Journal Article/Letter]

Amatya, P., D. Kirschbaum, and T. Stanley. 2022. "Rainfall‐induced landslide inventories for Lower Mekong based on Planet imagery and a semi‐automatic mapping method." Geoscience Data Journal. [10.1002/gdj3.145] [Journal Article/Letter]

Ancellet, G., S. Godin-Beekmann, H. G. Smit, et al. R. M. Stauffer, R. Van Malderen, R. Bodichon, and A. Pazmiño. 2022. "Homogenization of the Observatoire de Haute Provence ECC ozonesonde data record: comparison with lidar and satellite observations." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 15: 3105–3120 [10.5194/amt-2022-7] [Journal Article/Letter]

Anyamba, A., R. Damoah, A. Kemp, et al. J. L. Small, M. K. Rostal, W. Bagge, C. Cordel, R. Brand, W. B. Karesh, and J. T. Paweska. 2022. "Climate Conditions During a Rift Valley Fever Post-epizootic Period in Free State, South Africa, 2014–2019." Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 8: [10.3389/fvets.2021.730424] [Journal Article/Letter]

Apers, S., G. J. De Lannoy, A. J. Baird, et al. A. R. Cobb, G. C. Dargie, J. Pasquel, A. Gruber, A. Hastie, H. Hidayat, T. Hirano, A. M. Hoyt, A. J. Jovani‐Sancho, A. Katimon, A. Kurnain, R. D. Koster, M. Lampela, S. P. Mahanama, L. Melling, S. E. Page, R. H. Reichle, M. Taufik, J. Vanderborght, and M. Bechtold. 2022. "Tropical Peatland Hydrology Simulated With a Global Land Surface Model." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 14 (3): e2021MS002784 [10.1029/2021ms002784] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bi, J., K. E. Knowland, C. A. Keller, and Y. Liu. 2022. "Combining Machine Learning and Numerical Simulation for High-Resolution PM2.5 Concentration Forecast." Environmental Science & Technology. 56 (3): 1544-1556 [10.1021/acs.est.1c05578] [Journal Article/Letter]

Birkett, C. M., K. O'Brien, S. Kinsey, M. Ricko, and Y. Li. 2022. "Enhancement of a global lake and reservoir database to aid climate studies and resource monitoring utilizing satellite radar altimetry." Journal of Great Lakes Research. 48 (1): 37-51 [10.1016/j.jglr.2021.11.013] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bo, Y., J. Jägermeyr, Z. Yin, et al. Y. Jiang, J. Xu, H. Liang, and F. Zhou. 2022. "Global benefits of non‐continuous flooding to reduce greenhouse gases and irrigation water use without rice yield penalty." Global Change Biology. (In Press) [10.1111/gcb.16132] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boisvert, L., R. Boeke, P. Taylor, and C. L. Parker. 2022. "Constraining Arctic Climate Projections of Wintertime Warming With Surface Turbulent Flux Observations and Representation of Surface-Atmosphere Coupling." Frontiers in Earth Science. [] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bowman, H., S. Turnock, S. E. Bauer, et al. K. Tsigaridis, M. Deushi, N. Oshima, F. M. O'Connor, L. Horowitz, T. Wu, J. Zhang, D. Kubistin, and D. D. Parrish. 2022. "Changes in anthropogenic precursor emissions drive shifts in the ozone seasonal cycle throughout the northern midlatitude troposphere." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 22 (5): 3507-3524 [10.5194/acp-22-3507-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boyd, P. T., E. L. Wilson, A. P. Smale, et al. P. Supsinskas, T. A. Livengood, T. Hewagama, G. L. Villanueva, A. Marshak, N. A. Krotkov, P. Pokorny, J. Bixler, J. D. Noland, G. Ramu, P. Cleveland, J. Ganino, M. Jhabvala, E. Quintana, E. Gilbert, K. Colón, G. N. Arney, S. D. Domagal-Goldman, A. Mandell, T. Barclay, M. Kuchner, and L. Ott. 2022. "EarthShine: Observing our world as an exoplanet from the surface of the Moon." Journal of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems. 8 (01): 014003 [10.1117/1.jatis.8.1.014003] [Journal Article/Letter]

Brennan, M. M., S. Whitmee, C. V. Braneon, N. Meinsma, and R. Green. 2022. "Sea Level Rise and City-Level Climate Action." European Journal of Environment and Public Health. 6 (2): em0111 [10.21601/ejeph/12046] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cahalan, R. F., P. Ajiquichí, and G. Yatáz. 2022. "Solar Temperature Variations Computed from SORCE SIM Irradiances Observed During 2003 – 2020." Solar Physics. 297 (1): 16 [10.1007/s11207-021-01941-y] [Journal Article/Letter]

Campbell, P. E., K. F. Huemmrich, E. M. Middleton, et al. J. Alfieri, C. van der Tol, and C. S. Neigh. 2022. "Using DESIS and EO-1 HYPERION Reflectance Time Series for the Assessment of Vegetation Traits and Gross Primary Production (GPP)." The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. XLVI-1/W1-2021: 1-8 [10.5194/isprs-archives-xlvi-1-w1-2021-1-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Carlson, B. E., A. A. Lacis, G. L. Russell, A. Marshak, and W. Su. 2022. "Unique Observational Constraints on the Seasonal and Longitudinal Variability of the Earth’s Planetary Albedo and Cloud Distribution Inferred From EPIC Measurements." Frontiers in Remote Sensing. 2: [10.3389/frsen.2021.788525] [Journal Article/Letter]

Chen, Y., J. Haywood, Y. Wang, et al. F. Malavelle, G. Jordan, D. Partridge, J. Fieldsend, J. De Leeuw, A. Schmidt, N. Cho, L. Oreopoulos, S. Platnick, D. Grosvenor, P. Field, and U. Lohmann. 2022. "Machine learning reveals climate forcing from aerosols is dominated by increased cloud cover." Nature Geoscience. [10.1038/s41561-022-00991-6] [Journal Article/Letter]

Christensen, M. W., A. Gettelman, J. Cermak, et al. G. Dagan, M. Diamond, A. Douglas, G. Feingold, F. Glassmeier, T. Goren, D. P. Grosvenor, E. Gryspeerdt, R. Kahn, Z. Li, P.-L. Ma, F. Malavelle, I. L. McCoy, D. T. McCoy, G. McFarquhar, J. Mülmenstädt, S. Pal, A. Possner, A. Povey, J. Quaas, D. Rosenfeld, A. Schmidt, R. Schrödner, A. Sorooshian, P. Stier, V. Toll, D. Watson-Parris, R. Wood, M. Yang, and T. Yuan. 2022. "Opportunistic experiments to constrain aerosol effective radiative forcing." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 22 (1): 641-674 [10.5194/acp-22-641-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Clark, J. B., and A. Mannino. 2022. "The Impacts of Freshwater Input and Surface Wind Velocity on the Strength and Extent of a Large High Latitude River Plume." Frontiers in Marine Science. 8: [10.3389/fmars.2021.793217] [Journal Article/Letter]

Colgan, W., A. Wansing, K. Mankoff, et al. M. Lösing, J. Hopper, K. Louden, J. Ebbing, F. G. Christiansen, T. Ingeman-Nielsen, L. C. Liljedahl, J. A. MacGregor, Á. Hjartarson, S. Bernstein, N. B. Karlsson, S. Fuchs, J. Hartikainen, J. Liakka, R. S. Fausto, D. Dahl-Jensen, A. Bjørk, J.-O. Naslund, F. Mørk, Y. Martos, N. Balling, T. Funck, K. K. Kjeldsen, D. Petersen, U. Gregersen, G. Dam, T. Nielsen, S. A. Khan, and A. Løkkegaard. 2022. "Greenland Geothermal Heat Flow Database and Map (Version 1)." Earth System Science Data. 14 (5): 2209-2238 [10.5194/essd-14-2209-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Colliander, A., R. Reichle, W. Crow, et al. M. Cosh, F. Chen, S. Chan, N. N. Das, R. Bindlish, J. Chaubell, S. Kim, Q. Liu, P. O'Neill, S. Dunbar, L. Dang, J. S. Kimball, T. Jackson, H. Al-Jassar, J. Asanuma, B. Bhattacharya, A. Berg, D. Bosch, L. Bourgeau-Chavez, T. Caldwell, J.-C. Calvet, C. Collins, K. Jensen, S. Livingston, E. Lopez-Baeza, J. Martinez-Fernandez, H. McNairn, M. Moghaddam, C. Montzka, C. Notarnicola, T. Pellarin, I. Greimeister-Pfeil, J. Pulliainen, J. Ramos, M. Seyfried, P. Starks, B. Su, R. van der Velde, Y. Zeng, M. Thibeault, M. Vreugdenhil, J. Walker, M. Zribi, D. Entekhabi, and S. Yueh. 2022. "Validation of Soil Moisture Data Products From the NASA SMAP Mission." IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 15: 364-392 [10.1109/jstars.2021.3124743] [Journal Article/Letter]

Collow, A., N. P. Thomas, M. G. Bosilovich, et al. Y.-K. Lim, S. D. Schubert, and R. D. Koster. 2022. "Seasonal variability in the mechanisms behind the 2020 Siberian heatwaves." Journal of Climate. 35 (10): 3075-3090 [] [Journal Article/Letter]

Collow, A. B., C. A. Shields, B. Guan, et al. S. Kim, J. M. Lora, E. E. McClenny, K. Nardi, A. Payne, K. Reid, E. J. Shearer, R. Tomé, J. D. Wille, A. M. Ramos, I. V. Gorodetskaya, L. R. Leung, T. A. O’Brien, F. M. Ralph, J. Rutz, P. A. Ullrich, and M. Wehner. 2022. "An Overview of ARTMIP's Tier 2 Reanalysis Intercomparison: Uncertainty in the Detection of Atmospheric Rivers and Their Associated Precipitation." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 127 (8): e2021JD036155 [10.1029/2021jd036155] [Journal Article/Letter]

Connors, S., M. Dionne, G. Hanak, et al. R. Musulin, N. Aellen, M. Amjad, S. Bowen, D. R. Carrascal, E. Coppola, E. Dal Moro, A. Dosio, S. H. Faria, T. Y. Gan, M. Gomis, J. M. Gutierrez, P. Hope, R. Kopp, S. Krakovska, K. Leitzell, D. Maraun, V. Masson-Delmotte, R. Matthews, T. Maycock, S. Paddam, G.-K. Plattner, A. Pui, M. Rahimi, R. Ranasinghe, J. Rogelj, A. C. Ruane, S. Szopa, A. Turner, R. Vautard, Y. Velichkova, A. Weigel, and X. Zhang. 2022. "Climate Science: A Summary for Actuaries: What the IPCC Climate Change Report 2021 Means for the Actuarial Profession. International Actuarial Association." [Other]

D'Angelo, G., S. Guimond, J. Reisner, D. Peterson, and M. Dubey. 2022. "Contrasting stratospheric smoke mass and lifetime from 2017 Canadian and 2019/2020 Australian megafires: Global simulations and satellite observations." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 127: [] [Journal Article/Letter]

By First Author's/Editor's Last Name:


Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 231.

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Non-Refereed Publications

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