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Non-Refereed Publications

Refereed Publications for 2022

Acker, J. G. 2022. "Using the NASA Giovanni System to Assess and Evaluate Remotely-Sensed and Model Data Variables Relevant to Public Health Issues." Geospatial Technology for Human Well-Being and Health. 127-149 [10.1007/978-3-030-71377-5_8] [Article in Book]

Adams, K. H., J. T. Reager, P. Rosen, et al. D. N. Wiese, T. G. Farr, S. Rao, B. J. Haines, D. F. Argus, Z. Liu, R. Smith, J. S. Famiglietti, and M. Rodell. 2022. "Remote Sensing of Groundwater: Current Capabilities and Future Directions." Water Resources Research. 58 (10): [10.1029/2022wr032219] [Journal Article/Letter]

Ahmad, J. A., B. A. Forman, and S. V. Kumar. 2022. "Soil moisture estimation in South Asia via assimilation of SMAP retrievals." Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 26 (8): 2221-2243 [10.5194/hess-26-2221-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Ahmad, J., B. Forman, A. Getirana, and S. Kumar. 2022. "Smap Soil Moisture Assimilation to Enhance Streamflow Estimates Across South Asia." IGARSS 2022 - 2022 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. [10.1109/igarss46834.2022.9884923] [Proceedings]

Alemu, W. G., and C. S. Neigh. 2022. "Desert Locust Cropland Damage Differentiated from Drought, with Multi-Source Remote Sensing in Ethiopia." Remote Sensing. 14 (7): 1723 [10.3390/rs14071723] [Journal Article/Letter]

Amatya, P., D. Kirschbaum, and T. Stanley. 2022. "Rainfall‐induced landslide inventories for Lower Mekong based on Planet imagery and a semi‐automatic mapping method." Geoscience Data Journal. 9 (2): 315-327 [10.1002/gdj3.145] [Journal Article/Letter] [Landslides]

Ancellet, G., S. Godin-Beekmann, H. G. Smit, et al. R. M. Stauffer, R. Van Malderen, R. Bodichon, and A. Pazmiño. 2022. "Homogenization of the Observatoire de Haute Provence ECC ozonesonde data record: comparison with lidar and satellite observations." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 15: 3105–3120 [10.5194/amt-2022-7] [Journal Article/Letter]

Andela, N., D. C. Morton, W. Schroeder, et al. Y. Chen, P. M. Brando, and J. T. Randerson. 2022. "Tracking and classifying Amazon fire events in near real time." Science Advances. 8 (30): [10.1126/sciadv.abd2713] [Journal Article/Letter]

Anderson, D. C., M. B. Follette-Cook, S. A. Strode, et al. J. M. Nicely, J. Liu, P. D. Ivatt, and B. N. Duncan. 2022. "A machine learning methodology for the generation of a parameterization of the hydroxyl radical." Geoscientific Model Development. 15 (16): 6341-6358 [10.5194/gmd-15-6341-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Anyamba, A., R. Damoah, A. Kemp, et al. J. L. Small, M. K. Rostal, W. Bagge, C. Cordel, R. Brand, W. B. Karesh, and J. T. Paweska. 2022. "Climate Conditions During a Rift Valley Fever Post-epizootic Period in Free State, South Africa, 2014–2019." Frontiers in Veterinary Science. 8: [10.3389/fvets.2021.730424] [Journal Article/Letter]

Apers, S., G. J. De Lannoy, A. J. Baird, et al. A. R. Cobb, G. C. Dargie, J. Pasquel, A. Gruber, A. Hastie, H. Hidayat, T. Hirano, A. M. Hoyt, A. J. Jovani‐Sancho, A. Katimon, A. Kurnain, R. D. Koster, M. Lampela, S. P. Mahanama, L. Melling, S. E. Page, R. H. Reichle, M. Taufik, J. Vanderborght, and M. Bechtold. 2022. "Tropical Peatland Hydrology Simulated With a Global Land Surface Model." Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems. 14 (3): e2021MS002784 [10.1029/2021ms002784] [Journal Article/Letter]

Arteaga, L. A., M. J. Behrenfeld, E. Boss, and T. K. Westberry. 2022. "Vertical structure in phytoplankton growth and productivity inferred from Biogeochemical-Argo floats and the Carbon-based Productivity Model." Global Biogeochemical Cycles. 36 (8): e2022GB007389 [10.1029/2022GB007389] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bah, A. R., H. Norouzi, S. Prakash, et al. R. Blake, R. Khanbilvardi, and C. Rosenzweig. 2022. "Spatial Downscaling of GOES-R Land Surface Temperature over Urban Regions: A Case Study for New York City." Atmosphere. 13 (2): 332 [10.3390/atmos13020332] [Journal Article/Letter]

Banerjee, A., L. Y. Yeung, L. T. Murray, et al. X. Tie, J. E. Tierney, and A. N. Legrande. 2022. "Clumped‐Isotope Constraint on Upper‐Tropospheric Cooling During the Last Glacial Maximum." AGU Advances. 3 (4): [10.1029/2022av000688] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bellouin, N., and H. Yu. 2022. "Aerosol-radiation interactions." Aerosols and Climate. Cambridge, MA: Elsevier, 445-487, ISBN: 978-0-12-819766-0.[10.1016/B978-0-12-819766-0.00004-3] [Article in Book]

Bennington, V., L. Gloege, and G. A. McKinley. 2022. "Variability in the Global Ocean Carbon Sink From 1959 to 2020 by Correcting Models With Observations." Geophysical Research Letters. 49 (14): [10.1029/2022gl098632] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bernier, C., Y. Wang, G. Gronoff, et al. T. Berkoff, K. E. Knowland, J. T. Sullivan, R. Delgado, V. Caicedo, and B. Carroll. 2022. "Cluster-based characterization of multi-dimensional tropospheric ozone variability in coastal regions: an analysis of lidar measurements and model results." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 22 (23): 15313-15331 [10.5194/acp-22-15313-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bi, J., K. E. Knowland, C. A. Keller, and Y. Liu. 2022. "Combining Machine Learning and Numerical Simulation for High-Resolution PM2.5 Concentration Forecast." Environmental Science & Technology. 56 (3): 1544-1556 [10.1021/acs.est.1c05578] [Journal Article/Letter]

Birkett, C. M., K. O'Brien, S. Kinsey, M. Ricko, and Y. Li. 2022. "Enhancement of a global lake and reservoir database to aid climate studies and resource monitoring utilizing satellite radar altimetry." Journal of Great Lakes Research. 48 (1): 37-51 [10.1016/j.jglr.2021.11.013] [Journal Article/Letter]

Biswas, N. K., T. A. Stanley, D. B. Kirschbaum, et al. P. M. Amatya, C. Meechaiya, A. Poortinga, and P. Towashiraporn. 2022. "A dynamic landslide hazard monitoring framework for the Lower Mekong Region." Frontiers in Earth Science. 10: [10.3389/feart.2022.1057796] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bittner, A. S., E. S. Cross, D. H. Hagan, et al. C. Malings, E. Lipsky, and A. P. Grieshop. 2022. "Performance characterization of low-cost air quality sensors for off-grid deployment in rural Malawi." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 15 (11): 3353-3376 [10.5194/amt-15-3353-2022] [Journal Article/Letter]

Blanchard‐Wrigglesworth, E., M. Webster, L. Boisvert, C. Parker, and C. Horvat. 2022. "Record Arctic Cyclone of January 2022: Characteristics, Impacts, and Predictability." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 127 (21): [10.1029/2022jd037161] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bo, Y., J. Jägermeyr, Z. Yin, et al. Y. Jiang, J. Xu, H. Liang, and F. Zhou. 2022. "Global benefits of non‐continuous flooding to reduce greenhouse gases and irrigation water use without rice yield penalty." Global Change Biology. (In Press) [10.1111/gcb.16132] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boisvert, L., R. Boeke, P. Taylor, and C. L. Parker. 2022. "Constraining Arctic Climate Projections of Wintertime Warming With Surface Turbulent Flux Observations and Representation of Surface-Atmosphere Coupling." Frontiers in Earth Science. [] [Journal Article/Letter]

Boulet, C., and Q. Ma. 2022. "Line coupling and line mixing effects on calculated widths of symmetric-top molecules with the k-degeneracy: A theoretical study of N2-, O2-, and air-broadened lines of CH3I." Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. 288: 108273 [10.1016/j.jqsrt.2022.108273] [Journal Article/Letter]

By First Author's/Editor's Last Name:


Now displaying records 1 to 25 of 423.

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Non-Refereed Publications

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