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Ahmad, S. K., T. R. Holmes, S. V. Kumar, et al. T. M. Lahmers, P.-W. Liu, W. Nie, A. Getirana, E. Orland, R. Bindlish, A. Guzman, C. R. Hain, F. S. Melton, K. A. Locke, and Y. Yang. 2024. "Droughts impede water balance recovery from fires in the Western United States." Nature Ecology & Evolution. [10.1038/s41559-023-02266-8] [Journal Article/Letter]

Amatya, P., R. Emberson, and D. Kirschbaum. 2024. "Multitemporal landslide inventory and susceptibility map for the Arun River Basin, Nepal." Geoscience Data Journal. [10.1002/gdj3.240] [Journal Article/Letter]

Barbara, J., R. West, A. Del Genio, and J. Sinclair. 2024. "A study of Jupiter's UV Great Dark Spot and tropopause to stratosphere winds in the high northern latitudes as seen by Cassini imaging." Icarus. 410 115913 [10.1016/j.icarus.2023.115913] [Journal Article/Letter]

Bian, H., M. Chin, P. R. Colarco, et al. E. C. Apel, D. R. Blake, K. Froyd, R. S. Hornbrook, J. Jimenez, P. C. Jost, M. Lawler, M. Liu, M. T. Lund, H. Matsui, B. A. Nault, J. E. Penner, A. W. Rollins, G. Schill, R. B. Skeie, H. Wang, L. Xu, K. Zhang, and J. Zhu. 2024. "Observationally constrained analysis of sulfur cycle in the marine atmosphere with NASA ATom measurements and AeroCom model simulations." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 24 (3): 1717-1741 [10.5194/acp-24-1717-2024] [Journal Article/Letter]

Castellanos, P., P. Colarco, W. R. Espinosa, et al. S. D. Guzewich, R. C. Levy, R. L. Miller, M. Chin, R. A. Kahn, O. Kemppinen, H. Moosmüller, E. P. Nowottnick, A. Rocha-Lima, M. D. Smith, J. E. Yorks, and H. Yu. 2024. "Mineral dust optical properties for remote sensing and global modeling: A review." Remote Sensing of Environment. 303 113982 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113982] [Journal Article/Letter]

Cetinić, I., C. S. Rousseaux, I. T. Carroll, et al. A. P. Chase, S. J. Kramer, P. J. Werdell, D. A. Siegel, H. M. Dierssen, D. Catlett, A. Neeley, I. M. Soto Ramos, J. L. Wolny, N. Sadoff, E. Urquhart, T. K. Westberry, D. Stramski, N. Pahlevan, B. N. Seegers, E. Sirk, P. K. Lange, R. A. Vandermeulen, J. R. Graff, J. G. Allen, P. Gaube, L. I. McKinna, S. M. McKibben, C. E. Binding, V. S. Calzado, and M. Sayers. 2024. "Phytoplankton composition from sPACE: Requirements, opportunities, and challenges." Remote Sensing of Environment. 302 (1): 113964 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113964] [Journal Article/Letter]

Choi, M., A. Lyapustin, Y. Wang, et al. C. J. Tucker, M. N. Khan, F. Policelli, C. S. Neigh, and A. A. Hall. 2024. "Calibration of Maxar Constellation over Libya-4 Site using MAIAC Technique." IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing. 1-11 [10.1109/jstars.2024.3367250] [Journal Article/Letter]

Collister, B., J. Hair, C. Hostetler, et al. A. Cook, A. Ibrahim, E. Boss, A. J. Scarino, T. Shingler, W. Slade, M. Twardowski, M. Behrenfeld, and I. Cetinić. 2024. "Assessing the utility of high spectral resolution lidar for measuring particulate backscatter in the ocean and evaluating satellite ocean color retrievals." Remote Sensing of Environment. 300 113898 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113898] [Journal Article/Letter]

Hall, K. R., H. Wang, A. H. Souri, X. Liu, and K. Chance. 2024. "Ozone Anomalies in Dry Intrusions Associated With Atmospheric Rivers." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 129 (4): [10.1029/2023jd039949] [Journal Article/Letter]

Haywood, A., J. Tindall, L. Burton, et al. M. Chandler, A. Dolan, H. Dowsett, R. Feng, T. Fletcher, K. Foley, D. Hill, S. Hunter, B. Otto-Bliesner, D. Lunt, M. Robinson, and U. Salzmann. 2024. "Pliocene Model Intercomparison Project Phase 3 (PlioMIP3) – Science plan and experimental design." Global and Planetary Change. 232 104316 [10.1016/j.gloplacha.2023.104316] [Journal Article/Letter]

Huang, S. A., and J. M. Sauber. 2024. "Leveraging Multi-Primary PS-InSAR Configurations for the Robust Estimation of Coastal Subsidence." IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 1-1 [10.1109/lgrs.2024.3358737] [Journal Article/Letter]

Massoud, E. C., Y.-K. Lim, L. C. Andrews, and M. Girotto. 2024. "Connecting Global Modes of Variability to Climate in High Mountain Asia ." Atmosphere. 15(2) 142 [] [Journal Article/Letter]

McGrath-Spangler, E. L., N. C. Privé, B. M. Karpowicz, I. Moradi, and A. K. Heidinger. 2024. "Using OSSEs to Evaluate GXS Impact in the Context of International Coordination." Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. [10.1175/jtech-d-23-0141.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

Murray, J. F., A. M. Lavery, B. A. Schaeffer, et al. B. N. Seegers, A. F. Pennington, E. D. Hilborn, S. Boerger, J. D. Runkle, K. Loftin, J. Graham, R. Stumpf, A. Koch, and L. Backer. 2024. "Assessing the relationship between cyanobacterial blooms and respiratory-related hospital visits: Green bay, Wisconsin 2017–2019." International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health. 255 114272 [10.1016/j.ijheh.2023.114272] [Journal Article/Letter]

Pahlevan, N., S. Balasubramanian, C. C. Begeman, et al. R. E. O’Shea, A. Ashapure, D. A. Maciel, D. K. Hall, D. Odermatt, and C. Giardino. 2024. "A Retrospective Analysis of Remote-sensing Reflectance Products in Coastal and Inland Waters." IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters. 1-1 [10.1109/lgrs.2024.3351328] [Journal Article/Letter]

Pflug, J. M., M. L. Wrzesien, S. V. Kumar, et al. E. Cho, K. R. Arsenault, P. R. Houser, and C. M. Vuyovich. 2024. "Extending the utility of space-borne snow water equivalent observations over vegetated areas with data assimilation." Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. 28 (3): 631-648 [10.5194/hess-28-631-2024] [Journal Article/Letter]

Radeloff, V. C., D. P. Roy, M. A. Wulder, et al. M. Anderson, B. Cook, C. J. Crawford, M. Friedl, F. Gao, N. Gorelick, M. Hansen, S. Healey, P. Hostert, G. Hulley, J. L. Huntington, D. M. Johnson, C. Neigh, A. Lyapustin, L. Lymburner, N. Pahlevan, J.-F. Pekel, T. A. Scambos, C. Schaaf, P. Strobl, C. E. Woodcock, H. K. Zhang, and Z. Zhu. 2024. "Need and vision for global medium-resolution Landsat and Sentinel-2 data products." Remote Sensing of Environment. 300 113918 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113918] [Journal Article/Letter]

Román, M. O., C. Justice, I. Paynter, et al. P. B. Boucher, S. Devadiga, A. Endsley, A. Erb, M. Friedl, H. Gao, L. Giglio, J. M. Gray, D. K. Hall, G. Hulley, J. Kimball, Y. Knyazikhin, A. I. Lyapustin, R. B. Myneni, P. Noojipady, J. Pu, G. Riggs, S. Sarkar, C. Schaaf, D. Shah, K. H. Tran, E. F. Vermote, D. Wang, Z. Wang, A. Wu, Y. Ye, Y. Shen, S. Zhang, S. Zhang, X. Zhang, M. Zhao, C. C. Davidson, and R. E. Wolfe. 2024. "Continuity between NASA MODIS Collection 6.1 and VIIRS Collection 2 land products." Remote Sensing of Environment. 302 113963 [10.1016/j.rse.2023.113963] [Journal Article/Letter]

Salesin, K., K. D. Knobelspiesse, J. Chowdhary, P.-W. Zhai, and W. Jarosz. 2024. "Unifying radiative transfer models in computer graphics and remote sensing, Part II: A differentiable, polarimetric forward model and validation." Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. 315 108849 [10.1016/j.jqsrt.2023.108849] [Journal Article/Letter]

Salesin, K., K. D. Knobelspiesse, J. Chowdhary, P.-W. Zhai, and W. Jarosz. 2024. "Unifying radiative transfer models in computer graphics and remote sensing, Part I: A survey." Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. 314 108847 [10.1016/j.jqsrt.2023.108847] [Journal Article/Letter]

Shah, D., S. Zhang, S. Sarkar, et al. C. Davidson, R. Zhang, M. Zhao, S. Devadiga, P. Noojipady, M. O. Román, and H. Gao. 2024. "Transitioning from MODIS to VIIRS Global Water Reservoir Product." Scientific Data. 11 (1): 209 [10.1038/s41597-024-03028-2] [Journal Article/Letter]

Shi, Y. R., R. C. Levy, L. A. Remer, S. Mattoo, and G. T. Arnold. 2024. "Investigating the Spatial and Temporal Limitations for Remote Sensing of Wildfire Smoke Using Satellite and Airborne Imagers During FIREX‐AQ." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 129 (2): [10.1029/2023jd039085] [Journal Article/Letter]

Shutler, J. D., N. Gruber, H. S. Findlay, et al. P. E. Land, L. Gregor, T. Holding, R. Sims, H. Green, J.-F. Piolle, B. Chapron, S. Sathyendranath, C. S. Rousseaux, C. Donlon, S. Cooley, J. Turner, A. Valauri-Orton, K. Lowder, S. Widdicombe, J. Newton, R. Sabia, M.-H. Rio, and L. Gaultier. 2024. "The increasing importance of satellite observations to assess the ocean carbon sink and ocean acidification." Earth-Science Reviews. 104682 [10.1016/j.earscirev.2024.104682] [Journal Article/Letter]

Silva, S. J., and C. A. Keller. 2024. "Limitations of XAI methods for process-level understanding in the atmospheric sciences." Artificial Intelligence for the Earth Systems. [10.1175/aies-d-23-0045.1] [Journal Article/Letter]

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