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Poulter Discusses COVID-19 and FIre Activity

Ben Poulter (618) was interviewed by Science about how COVID-19 has caused a decline in fires in the Southeastern United States and what this means for fuel reduction and future fire risk.

Voice of America Discusses Arctic Wildfires with Hoy and Morton

Liz Hoy (618/GST) and Doug Morton (618) were interviewed for an article published in Voice of America on Arctic Wildfires.

Anyamba Featured in New Netflix Series

Assaf Anyamba (618/USRA) is featured in the new Netflix series Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything hosted by Latif Nasser. In "Clouds" (Episode 5), Anyamba describes how massive amounts of NASA satellite-derived climate data and disease data from a variety of sources are combined using cloud computing technology and machine learning methods to map and forecast areas at potential risk for disease outbreaks globally. He also illustrates how these satellite measurements are related to focal ground observations of the environment and mosquito vector populations that drive disease outbreaks. Filming locations included Goddard’s Scientific Visualization Studio (August 2019) and a field site in Free State Province, South Africa (September 2019).
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The Biospheric Sciences Laboratory studies terrestrial ecosystems and their interactions with the atmosphere using multiscale remote sensing, mathematical modeling, and advanced analytical techniques. This research allows Laboratory scientists to characterize and predict environmental changes due to natural and anthropogenic processes at local to global scales.

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