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Vice President Harris Visits NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Accompanied by Senator Chris Van Hollen and NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, Vice President Kamala Harris visited NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. At her visit, Vice President Harris heard presentations describing how the nation's space program studies climate change and provides crucial information to understand our planet's changes and their impacts on our lives. Lesley Ott (610.1) presented an overview of NASA climate change research and a hyperwall presentation highlighting the impacts of climate change as observed from space and the role of Earth system models in helping communities prepare. Ott was joined by Pam Melroy from NASA Headquarters, who introduced NASA's Earth Science Division, and Christian Braneon (611) from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Braneon provided examples of communities using satellite data in their environmental decision making. The event concluded with NASA Administrator Nelson and Goddard biospheric scientist Lola Fatoyinbo (618) presenting the first light Landsat-9 image.

Gabon's Mangrove Tree Research Highlighted

As part of its coverage of the U.N. COP26 climate conference, Reuters published a story on Gabon's efforts to study the amount of carbon stored in their mangroves. The article cited research by Dr. Lola Fatoyinbo.

NASA Earth Expeditions: Too Remote, Too Wild, and Too Cold: Helping Satellites See Arctic Greening With Boots on the Ground

Far up in northern Alaska, Logan Berner’s legs are burning with pain from trekking over tussocks in grassy valley bottoms and rugged, cloud-choked mountain passes. He’s spending a couple of weeks of 2021’s summer traversing the mountainous Brook Range, carrying just the essentials to sustain him in the expanse of the Alaskan Arctic.
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The Biospheric Sciences Laboratory studies terrestrial ecosystems and their interactions with the atmosphere using multiscale remote sensing, mathematical modeling, and advanced analytical techniques. This research allows Laboratory scientists to characterize and predict environmental changes due to natural and anthropogenic processes at local to global scales.

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