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Shawn Paul Serbin


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Research Interests

Land-atmosphere interactions

Biosphere-atmosphere interactions

Land-surface remote sensing

Land-surface modeling


Plant ecophysiology

Global change ecology

Model-data integration

Current Projects

Integrating Field Observations and Multi-scale Remote Sensing to Understand the Environmental and Biological Controls of Tall Shrub Distribution in Arctic Tundra

Vegetation & Soil

Project Leads: Daryl Yang (Future Investigator, Stony Brook University) & Shawn Serbin (Stony Brook University, NASA GSFC)

A NASA FINESST award funding a NASA ABoVE project.

DOE Third ARM Mobile Facility (AMF3) Deployment to the Southeastern U.S.


The Bankhead National Forest (BNF) atmospheric observatory is a long-term mobile observatory being established by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility in northwestern Alabama. The BNF is currently expected to be operational for five years, starting in 2023. Scientists will use data from the BNF to learn about clouds, aerosols, and land-atmosphere interactions, which in turn will lead to improvements in models of the Earth’s climate.

A prototype data assimilation system for the terrestrial carbon cycle to support Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification

Modeling and Dynamics

NASA Carbon Monitoring System:

Multisensor data assimilation to support terrestrial carbon cycle and disturbance Monitoring, Reporting, Verification, and Forecasting

Modeling and Dynamics

NASA Carbon Monitoring System:

NASA Surface Biology and Geology Mission

Remote Sensing

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center

Carbon Cycle

Strategic Science - Planetary Boundary Layer

Biosphere Climate Impacts & Feedbacks

Professional Service



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