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Monitoring NLDAS ground temperatures for cicada emergence

David Mocko (617/SAIC) and Eric Kemp (617/SSAI) wrote a LIS blog post on using simulated near real-time NLDAS-2 soil temperatures as a proxy method for monitoring Brood X cicada emergence in Maryland. Figures (updated daily) show a map as well as time series of soil temperatures centered over/at GSFC. These figures are produced only for local interest, and do not represent any official cicada emergence monitoring or forecast.

Australian Rainfall Featured on Web and Social Media

The GPM website and @NASA Atmosphere social media recently featured IMERG visualizations depicting precipitation totals from recent flooding rainfalls in Australia.

Study Promoted by NDIS

The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) issued a news release on a new study by David Mocko (SSAI/617), Sujay Kumar (617), Christa Peters-Lidard (610), and Shugong Wang (SSAI/617) relating to the important role land surface models play in monitoring and forecasting drought.
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The Hydrological Sciences Laboratory examines the role of water in the Earth system. Laboratory researchers strive to better understand, quantify, and analyze the hydrological cycle and to measure hydrological processes in order to improve prediction of the response of global hydrology to anthropogenic and/or natural climate change.

Special emphasis is placed on land surface hydrological processes and their interactions with the atmosphere. Laboratory scientists develop remote-sensing and modeling techniques to investigate how the various components of the hydrological cycle interact over a broad range of spatial and temporal scales.

For further information, data, research, and other resources, see Hydrological Sciences Research.

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