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The Parched Paraná River

A drought around South America’s second longest river has grounded ships and contributed to a rash of fire in the delta and floodplain.

Poyang Lake Extremes

Between 2019 and 2020, water levels went from barely there to the highest on record.

Signs of Drought in European Groundwater

Long-term rainfall deficits, heat waves, and increased evaporation have depleted some of the groundwater supply beneath central and eastern Europe.

Satellites Have Drastically Changed How We Forecast Hurricanes

This video looks at advances in hurricane forecasting, with a focus on the contributions from weather satellites.

Breakup Along the Mackenzie River

Each spring, the Canadian Arctic is the site of a fierce battle between water and ice.

Frozen Finland Thaws

After a harsh winter in northern Finland, warm temperatures rapidly melted snow to cause significant flooding.

NASA Snow Campaign Wraps 2020 Survey

NASA’s SnowEx ground and airborne campaign is a multiyear effort using a variety of techniques to study snow characteristics, and the team concluded their second field campaign in March 2020.

Muddy Flooding in Michigan

Two days of heavy rain led to catastrophic dam failures and major flooding in Midland County.

New Zealand Browned by Drought

North Island vegetation shows signs of stress during one the region’s most severe droughts on record.

Parched Conditions in Germany Again

Germany may be heading toward its third summer of drought in a row due to high temperatures and sparse precipitation.

When It Comes to Water, You Have to Think Global

Earth is a pale, blue dot when seen from space. Its blue color is due to our home planet being 71% covered in water.

#EarthDayAtHome with NASA

Fifty years ago, on April 22, 1970, people around the world marked the first Earth Day. Thousands gathered to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our beautiful planet for future generations.

NASA Marks Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary with #EarthDayAtHome

As the world observes the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday, April 22, NASA is highlighting the agency’s many contributions to sustaining and improving our home planet’s environment...

Measuring Drought in South America

Twin satellites are assessing the state of soil moisture and groundwater on the continent and around the world.

New NASA Podcast Helps Listeners Explore Our ‘Curious Universe’

NASA’s newest podcast is taking listeners on an adventure to explore the wonders of Earth and help unravel the mysteries of the universe.

NASA Science Keeps the Lights On

Across NASA’s many missions, thousands of scientists, engineers, and other experts and professionals all over the country are doing what they do best, but now from home offices and via video conferencing. With most personnel supporting missions remotely to keep onsite staff at a minimal level in response to COVID-19, the Agency is moving ahead strongly with everything from space exploration to using our technology and innovation to help inform policy makers.

Relentless Floods

High water on the James River in South Dakota has persisted for more than a year.

NASA, University of Nebraska Release New Global Groundwater Maps and U.S. Drought Forecasts

NASA researchers have developed new satellite-based, weekly global maps of soil moisture and groundwater wetness conditions and one to three-month U.S. forecasts of each product. While maps of current dry/wet conditions for the United States have been available since 2012, this is the first time they have been available globally.

Statement on NASA Goddard’s Coronavirus Prep Actions

Goddard has canceled all non-mission-essential visits to its facilities. Goddard also is closing its Visitor Centers at Greenbelt and at Wallops Flight Facility, Virginia.

Drought Hits Thailand

A severe drought in Thailand is affecting agriculture and drinking water in the region.

Extreme Rain Douses Fires, Causes Floods in Australia

A season of extremes in eastern Australia took another dramatic turn in mid-February 2020.

Climate Change Could Trigger More Landslides in High Mountain Asia

More frequent and intense rainfall events due to climate change could cause more landslides in the High Mountain Asia region of China, Tibet and Nepal, according to the first quantitative study of the link between precipitation and landslides in the region.

NASA Responds to Puerto Rico Quakes

Starting Dec. 28, 2019, Puerto Rico was shaken by a series of hundreds of small earthquakes that culminated on Jan. 7 with a powerful 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

NASA Airborne Campaign Catches the Drift of Snow Water

Snow is a vital source of water for drinking, agriculture and electrical power in the western United States and other locations around the world. To know how much water will be available the following spring, water resource managers and hydrologists need to know where snow has fallen, how much there is and how is characteristics change as it melts.

Drought Threatens Millions in Southern Africa

Diminished rainfall, combined with soaring temperatures, has jeopardized the food security and energy supplies of millions of people in the region.
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