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Ronnie Abolafia-Rosenzweig Studies the Water Cycle

Ronnie Abolafia-Rosenzweig is a NASA summer intern whose interests lie in the water cycle perhaps due to his childhood living near a river.

Drought Reveals Lost “Spanish Stonehenge”

The Dolmen de Guadalperal resurfaced after five decades underwater.

Drought Exacerbates Australian Fires

Several years of dry conditions have set the stage for a fierce fire season in several southeastern states.

Floods Swamp Sudan

After a wet August, floodwaters inundated villages, pastures, and croplands.

Tawny Swirls in the Kara Sea

Freshwater from the Yenisei River, stained brown with organic materials, mixes with Arctic seawater off the coast of Russia.

Iceland’s Raging Rivers

In a country rich with compelling geologic phenomena, even the rivers are connected to the landscape of fire and ice.

Applying NASA Earth Observations to Real-World Concerns

Early career researchers in the DEVELOP program, who are tasked with using Earth science data in practical applications, presented their project results during a daylong showcase at NASA Headquarters.

Getting Saltier

As water levels drop in the Dead Sea, salt is piling up on the lakebed.

Water Cycle is Speeding Up Over Much of the U.S.

Water is everywhere on Earth, and it is a unique molecule that is critical for life. Where, when, and how it moves—the water cycle—is equally critical.

Monsoon Rains Flood South Asia

At least seven million people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have been displaced or had their lives disrupted by flooding in July 2019.

Citizen Scientists Find Undocumented Landslides

A new NASA project improves landslide inventories with data from the public.

A Drier Future Sets the Stage for More Wildfires

NASA eye on Earth's freshwater includes its absence, and understanding how drought conditions set the stage for fires.

A Longer Dry Season in the Congo Rainforest

The summer dry season has lengthened by about 10 days per decade within rainforest boundaries.

Managing Freshwater Across the United States

NASA researchers combine observations with sophisticated models to better understand the flow of freshwater and support numerous applications.

When Drought Threatens Crops: NASA’s Role in Famine Warnings

NASA uses satellite data and models to support the Famine Early Warning Network

The Water Future of Earth's 'Third Pole'

NASA's research into mountain glaciers and snowpack in one of the largest watersheds in the world.

Looking For Freshwater In All the Snowy Places

To help determine how much freshwater is present as snow across the globe, a team of researchers is creating a new computer-based tool that simulates the best way to detect snow and measure its water content from space.

A Tale of Contrasting Rift Valley Lakes

Long and short. Deep and shallow. Salty and fresh. Blue and brown. These are Africa’s Lake Tanganyika and Lake Rukwa.

Earth’s Freshwater Future: Extremes of Flood and Drought

As the satellite data record continues to get longer and more detailed, scientists are beginning to see emerging trends in how climate change is shifting the distribution of water around the planet.

NASA Explores Our Changing Freshwater World

Water is so commonplace that we often take it for granted. But too much – or too little of it – makes headlines.

Food Crisis Grows from Dry Soils

Drought is apparent across much of East Africa after seasonal rains failed to deliver much moisture to the region.

Floods in the Arkansas River Watershed

The Southern and Central United States have been drenched by rainstorm after rainstorm in the spring of 2019, leading to widespread flooding in the region.

Rare Filling of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

Floodwaters have worked their way through a series of parched channels, watering holes, and lagoons to start filling the iconic Australian lake.

Record-Setting Precipitation Leaves U.S. Soils Soggy

The continental United States recently finished its wettest twelve months in 124 years of modern recordkeeping.

NASA's GRACE: What We've Learned from Water in Motion

GRACE data, collected from 2002 to 2017 while the mission was active, are still being used to improve our understanding of water in motion and its sometimes surprising effects on our planet.
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