Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics
Sun-Earth Connections Seminar
(aka Brown Bag Seminar)

About the Seminar

The Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center conducts weekly science seminars. They are held on Fridays at noon in the Conference Room (Room 183) in Building 21 at Goddard. The topics cover the interests of the Laboratory, including astrochemistry, interplanetary physics, planetary systems, planetary magnetospheres, and electrodynamics.

Have an Idea for a Speaker?

The seminar organizers (currently Masha Kuznetsova, 301-286-9571, are always appreciative of ideas for seminar speakers. Please contact them EARLY to avoid scheduling conflicts.


The current schedule for Fall 2004 is:

September 2004

  • 10
  • Multiscale solar wind structure and nonextensive statistical mechanics ( Abstract)
    Dr. Len Burlaga, NASA GSFC (Bio)
  • 17
  • Correlations between Plasma Moments in the Interplanetary Medium between SoHO and Wind ( Abstract)
    Dr. Keith Ogilvie, NASA GSFC (Bio)
  • 24
  • Historically Large Geomagnetic Storms and Potential Electric Power Grid Impacts ( Abstract)
    John Kappenman, Metatech - Applied Power Solutions Division (Bio)

    October 2004

  • 01
  • No Seminar - Cluster Workshop
  • 08
  • Three species reconnection: Effect of O+ on magnetotail reconnection (Abstract)
    Dr. Michael Shay, University of Maryland (Bio)
  • 15
  • Two-dimensional magnetopause structures reconstructed from Cluster data (Abstract)
    Dr. Hiroshi Hasegawa, Dartmouth College (Bio)
  • 22
  • Global Auroral Imaging: Dynamic Pressure Induced Auroral Brightenings and Conjugate Auroral Observations. (Abstract)
    Dr. John Sigwarth, NASA GSFC (Bio)
  • 29
  • Critical Dynamics of the Substorm Cycle in Earth's Magnetotail (Abstract)
    Dr. Alex Klimas, NASA GSFC (Bio)

    November 2004

  • 05
  • Asymmetries Toward Higher Ecliptic Longitudes than the Nominal Upstream Direction in Twelve Heliospheric Data Sets (Abstract)
    Dr. Michael Collier, NASA GSFC (Bio)
  • 12
  • IMF Control of Dayside Magnetospheric Convection (Abstract)
    Dr. Sheng-Hsien Chen, NASA GSFC (Bio)
  • 19
  • Coupling between Sun and Heliosphere for 40 years of Space Exploration (Abstract)
    Dr. Vladimir Osherovich, L-3 Comm (Bio)
  • 26
  • No Seminar - Day after Thanksgiving

    December 2004

  • 03
  • Open (Abstract)
  • 10
  • Open (Abstract)
  • 17
  • No seminar - AGU (Abstract)

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    Year 2004-2005

    Information for Speakers and Visitors

    Speakers interested in speaking at the SEC Seminar are encouraged to contact the organizers, currently Masha Kuznetsova (301-286-9571, The duration of the seminar is typically one hour, with questions asked during and after the seminar. The audience is usually diverse, including scientists with interests ranging throughout the heliosphere (see the Laboratory homepage for a list of interests).

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