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About the Seminar

The Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center conducts weekly science seminars. They are held on Fridays at noon in the Conference Room (Room 8) in Building 2 at Goddard. The topics cover the interests of the Laboratory, including astrochemistry, interplanetary physics, planetary systems, planetary magnetospheres, and electrodynamics. Since the seminar is conducted during the lunch hour, the audience often brings their lunch, hence the moniker "brown bag seminar."

Have an Idea for a Speaker?

The seminar organizers are always appreciative of ideas for seminar speakers. Please contact them EARLY to avoid scheduling conflicts. Contact information is located below.


The current schedule for 2002 is:

January 2002

  • 4
  • Ions, Clusters, Ice Particles - Feedback Mechanisms in the Summer Mesosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. Jorg Gumbel, Naval Research Laboratory (Bio)
  • 11
  • The Magnetospheric Signature of Dayside High Latitude Magnetic Pulsation Events (Abstract)
    Dr. Therese Moretto, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 18
  • Geotail Observations of Bursty Bulk Flows and Plasmoid Associated Flux Ropes (Abstract)
    Dr. James Slavin, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 25
  • Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Interplanetary Shocks in the Solar Wind and Magnetosheath (Abstract)
    Dr. Adam Szabo, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)

    February 2002

  • 1
  • Resonances as a Diagnostic Tool from the Earth's Ionosphere/Magnetosphere to Neutron Stars & Black Holes (Abstract)
    Dr. Vladimir Osherovich, Emergent, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 8
  • Solar Wind Interaction with Mars' Ionosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. Dana Crider, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 15
  • Progress Report on the Turbotrap Development (Abstract)
    Dr. John Keller, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 22
  • A Radiation-Belt Forecasting Model (Abstract)
    Dr. Yihua Zheng, USRA, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)

    March 2002

  • 1
  • Observations from the Cassini Earth SwingBy During Substorm: Cassini Magnetometer Data in a Global Context (Abstract)
    Dr. Hina Khan, NRC, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 8
  • Solar Wind Coupling to Ground Magnetic Fields and Their Time Derivatives (Abstract)
    Dr. Robert Weigel, NRC, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 15
  • Statistical and Superposed Epoch Studies of Dipolarization Events Using Data from Wind Perigee Passes (Abstract)
    Dr. Kristine Sigsbee, NRC, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 22
  • The Global Magnetosphere Under Storm-Time Conditions (Abstract)
    Dr. George Siscoe, Boston University (Bio)
  • 29
  • WIND - Stormy Weather (Abstract)
    Dr. Keith Ogilvie, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)

    April 2002

  • 4
  • Special Seminar (11 a.m., Rm 215) - POLAR CAMMICE Observations of Ion Injection and Transport in the High-latitude Magnetosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. Tim Stubbs, Imperial College, United Kingdom
  • 5
  • Special Seminar (10 a.m., Rm 215) - Aging of Thin Current Sheet
    Professor Lev Zelenyi, Space Research Institute, Russia
    Regular Seminar - Prototyping of Mini-Magnetospheric Plasma Propulsion (M2P2) (Abstract)
    Prof. Robert Winglee, University of Washington (Bio)
  • 12
  • Magnetospheric Electron Densities and Electron Density Structures Determined from the RPI on IMAGE (Abstract)
    Dr. Robert Benson, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 19
  • Interplanetary Consequences of Colliding CMEs (Abstract)
    Dr. Natchimuthuk Gopalswamy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 26
  • Using Global Auroral Imaging to Determine the State of the Magnetosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. John Sigwarth, The University of Iowa (Bio)

    May 2002

  • 3
  • Acceleration and Deceleration of Coronal Mass Ejections: Theory and Observations (Abstract)
    Dr. James Chen, Naval Research Laboratory (Bio)
  • 10
  • Foreshock Cavities, Hot Flow Anomalies, and the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Interaction (Abstract)
    Dr. David Sibeck, Applied Physics Laboratory, Johns Hopkins University (Bio)
  • 17
  • Martian Electro-Meteorology (Abstract)
    Dr. William Farrell, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Bio)
  • 24
  • AGU Practice Talks
  • 31
  • No seminar scheduled (Spring AGU Meeting)

    June 2002

    July 2002

  • 29
  • Special Seminar (Monday, noon, Rm. 8) - A Theorist's View of CME Cannibalism (Abstract)
    Dr. Tyan Yeh, Visiting Professor, The Catholic University of America

    August 2002

  • 23
  • Adapting the ST5 Satellite Design to do the MagCon Mission (Abstract)
    Mr. Ron Muller, QSS Group, Inc. (Bio)

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    Information for Speakers and Visitors

    Speakers interested in speaking at the Brown Bag Seminar are encouraged to contact the organizer, currently Mei-Ching Fok (301-286-1083, The duration of the seminar is typically one hour. with questions asked during and after the seminar. The audience is usually diverse, including scientists with interests ranging throughout the heliosphere (see the Laboratory homepage for a list of interests).

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