Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics
Sun-Earth Connections Seminar
(aka Brown Bag Seminar)

About the Seminar

The Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center conducts weekly science seminars. They are held on Fridays at noon in the Conference Room (Room 183) in Building 21 at Goddard. The topics cover the interests of the Laboratory, including astrochemistry, interplanetary physics, planetary systems, planetary magnetospheres, and electrodynamics.

Have an Idea for a Speaker?

The seminar organizers are always appreciative of ideas for seminar speakers. Please contact them EARLY to avoid scheduling conflicts. Contact information is located below.


The current schedule for Fall 2003 is:

September 2003

  • 12
  • Coronal Mass Ejections of Solar Cycle 23 ( Abstract)
    Dr. N. Gopalswamy, LEP/Planetary Magnetospheres Branch, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 19
  • Virtualizing Solar Data Access -- postponed( Abstract)
    Dr. Joseph Gurman, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, Solar Physics Branch (Bio)
  • 26
  • Modeling the Dynamics of the Relativistic Electron Flux in Earth's Outer Radiation Belt( Abstract)
    Dr. Dimitris Vassiliadis, USRA (Bio)

    October 2003

  • 03
  • Numerical Validation of the Breakout Model of CME Initiation ( Abstract)
    Dr. Peter MacNeice, Drexel University/NASA/GSFC, Code 931 (Bio)
  • 10
  • Comparison of interplanetary magnetic clouds at the NEAR spacecraft with coronal mass ejections at the Sun( Abstract)
    Dr. David Rust, JHU/APL (Bio)
  • 17
  • 2D MHD Model of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind ( Abstract)
    Dr. Edward Sittler, Interplanetary Physics Branch, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 24
  • Solar Illumination Effects on Auroral Particle Acceleration( Abstract)
    Dr. Cindy Cattell, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 31
  • Ionospheric conductivity control of the storm-time ring current( Abstract)
    Dr. Yusuke Ebihara, Universities Space Research Association (Bio)

    November 2003

  • 07
  • The Solar Bolometric Imager( Abstract)
    Dr. Pietro Bernasconi, JHU/APL (Bio)
  • 14
  • SWAVES: The STEREO WAVES Investigation( Abstract)
    Dr. Michael L. Kaiser, LEP NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 21
  • Hall Magnetohydrodynamics of Neutral Layers( Abstract)
    Dr. J.D. Huba, Naval Research Laboratory (Bio)
  • 28
  • No seminar - Day after Thanksgiving

    December 2003

  • 05
  • Canceled( Abstract)
    Dr. Roberto A Fernandez-Borda, NRC NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 12
  • No seminar - Fall AGU meeting
  • 19
  • Postponed to Feb 27, 2004 ( Abstract)
    Dr. Thomas E. Moore, Code 692, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 26
  • No seminar - Day after Xmas

    Space Physics Meetings

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    Information for Speakers and Visitors

    Speakers interested in speaking at the SEC Seminar are encouraged to contact the organizers, currently Nat Gopalswamy (301-286-5885, The duration of the seminar is typically one hour, with questions asked during and after the seminar. The audience is usually diverse, including scientists with interests ranging throughout the heliosphere (see the Laboratory homepage for a list of interests).

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