Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics
Sun-Earth Connections Seminar
(aka Brown Bag Seminar)

About the Seminar

The Laboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics (LEP) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center conducts weekly science seminars. They are held on Fridays at noon in the Conference Room (Room 183) in Building 21 at Goddard. The topics cover the interests of the Laboratory, including astrochemistry, interplanetary physics, planetary systems, planetary magnetospheres, and electrodynamics.

Have an Idea for a Speaker?

The seminar organizers (currently Masha Kuznetsova, 301-286-9571, are always appreciative of ideas for seminar speakers. Please contact them EARLY to avoid scheduling conflicts.


The current schedule for Spring 2004 is:

January 2004

  • 09
  • Modeling thin current sheets in the tail of Earth's magnetosphere and laboratory plasmas( Abstract)
    Dr. Mikhail I. Sitnov, University of Maryland, College Park (Bio)
  • 16
  • Combining Ground-based and Space-based Measurements to Explain Auroral Radio Emissions( Abstract)
    Dr. Jim LaBelle, Dartmouth College, NH (Bio)
  • 23
  • Virtualizing Solar Data Access( Abstract)
    Dr. Joseph Gurman, Laboratory for Astronomy and Solar Physics, Solar Physics Branch, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 30
  • MEMs Charged Particle Spectrometers for Spaceborne Applications ( Abstract)
    Dr Fred A. Herrero (Bio)

    February 2004

  • 06
  • Anti-Parallel And Component Reconnection: A Comparison (Abstract)
    Dr. Michael Hesse, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 13
  • Observations of parallel electric fields at 300 km over an active thunderstorm (Abstract)
    Dr. Doug Rowland, NASA/GSFC (NRC) (Bio)
  • 20
  • A Plasmasphere/Ring-Current/Radiation-Belt Interaction Model (Abstract)
    Dr. Mei-Ching Fok, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 27
  • Long-range interactions and probability distribution functions in the interplanetary medium (Abstract)
    Dr. Manfred P. Leubner, Space Research Institute, Graz, and Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, Austria (Bio)

    March 2004

  • 05
  • Relation Between Electron Density and Frequency of Large Amplitude Langmuir Oscillations (Abstract)
    Dr. V. Osherovich, L-3 Comm (Bio)
  • 12
  • The Terrestrial Foreshock: New Results From Cluster.(Abstract)
    Dr. Jonathan Eastwood, NRC/RRA NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 19
  • Effect of Multiple Substorms on the Buildup of the Ring Current (Abstract)
    Dr. Kristi Keller, NASA/GSFC (Bio)
  • 23
  • (Special Seminar: Tuesday) Hybrid Simulations of Dipolar Magnetospheres: Global Characteristics and Scalings (Abstract)
    Dr. Nick Omidi (Bio)
  • 26
  • Populating the plasma sheet with ionospheric and solar plasmas, one particle at a time (Abstract)
    Dr. Thomas E Moore, NASA/GSFC (Bio)

    April 2004

  • 02
  • (EARLY START: 11:30 am) Kinetic structure and dynamics of guide-field magnetic reconnection (Abstract)
    Dr. James F. Drake, University of Maryland (Bio)
  • 09
  • Ion temperature imaging of the Earth's magnetosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. Earl Scime, West Virginia University (Bio)
  • 16
  • Long-Standing Unsolved Problems in Solar and Magnetospheric Physics (Abstract)
    Syun Akasofu, International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Bio)
  • 23
  • Ion Transport Across the Magnetopause in the Presence of Magnetic Turbulence (Abstract)
    Dr. Aleksandre Taktakishvili, UTEP (Bio)
  • 30
  • Geotail observations of plasma sheet convection during different states of the magnetosphere (Abstract)
    Dr. Eija Tanskanen, NRC/RRA NASA/GSFC (Bio)

    May 2004

  • 07
  • No Seminar (Abstract)
    Speaker, Affiliation (Bio)
  • 14
  • AGU practice talks (Abstract)
    Speaker, Affiliation (Bio)
  • 21
  • No seminar - Spring AGU meeting
  • 28
  • No Seminar (Abstract)
    Speaker, Affiliation (Bio)

    June 2004

  • 04
  • Data Format Standardization of Space Weather Model Output in the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (Abstract)
    Marlo Maddox, NASA/GSFC CCMC (Bio)
  • 14
  • (Special Seminar: Monday) Contribution of ion flow-out and charge exchange processes to the decay of the ring current ions: Geotail/EPIC and IMAGE/HENA observations (Abstract)
    Kieka Kunihiro, Kyoto University (Bio)
  • 18
  • A Concise History of Spacecraft Radio Astronomy: the Legacy of Robert G. Stone (1928-2004) (Abstract)
    J. Fainberg, M. Kaiser, and R. MacDowall, NASA/GSFC
  • 25
  • Yet another Bow Shock Study: Why Should you Care? (Abstract)
    Jan Merka, L-3 Communications GSI (Bio)

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    Information for Speakers and Visitors

    Speakers interested in speaking at the SEC Seminar are encouraged to contact the organizers, currently Masha Kuznetsova (301-286-9571, The duration of the seminar is typically one hour, with questions asked during and after the seminar. The audience is usually diverse, including scientists with interests ranging throughout the heliosphere (see the Laboratory homepage for a list of interests).

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