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AMS Special Award

Jan, 2021
Recipient: International Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) Team
Awarded “For providing a stellar example of international collaboration to produce novel satellite observations that have transformed atmospheric chemistry research, especially air quality and health applications.” A large portion of the US OMI science team resides in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Laboratory.
American Meteorological Society

Engineering Excellence Group Award

Jul, 2020
Recipient: IMPACTS Team
The IMPACTS Team was awarded the Engineering Excellence Group Award by The Instrument Systems and Technology Division for “Outstanding dedication and support of the IMPACTS mission 2020 deployment." Members of the Mesoscale Atmospheric Processes Lab include: Gerald Heymsfield (612), Gerald McIntire (612/SGT), Charles Helms (612/USRA), and Peter Pantina (612/SSAI).

2019 Robert H. Goddard Award - Engineering (61A)

Recipient: Space Geodesy Project
Awarded for demonstrated excellence in enabling the nation’s technology

Individual Citation: ""For the exceptional implementation of the next-generation NASA Very Long Baseline Interferometry domestic network".

2019 Robert H. Goddard Award - Engineering (61A)

Recipient: ICESAT-2 Constraint Analysis and Monitoring System Team
Awarded for demonstrated excellence in enabling the nation’s technology.

Individual Citation: "For the CAMS (Constraint Analysis and Monitoring System) team's outstanding performance and innovative problem-solving, exceeding requirements for ICESat-2 operational constraint-mitigation and science operations.".

2019 Robert H. Goddard Award - Science (61A)

Recipient: ICESat-2 POD/PPD (Precise Orbit Determination/Precise Position Determination) Team
Awarded for demonstrated excellence in enabling the Nation’s scientific discovery.

Individual Citation: "For the ICESat-2 POD/PPD team's exceptional performance and innovative approaches to meeting the ICESat-2 mission's stringent geolocation requirements".

2019 Robert H. Goddard Award - Science (61A)

Recipient: Jeanne M Sauber (61A)
Awarded for demonstrated excellence in enabling the Nation’s scientific discovery.

Individual Citation: "For exceptional scientific leadership in developing and defining the Center and Agency's roadmap for future Earth Science discovery ".

AAS Fellows

Recipients: Alice K Harding (663), Sangeeta Malhotra (661), Maxim L Markevitch (662), John C Mather (660), William D Pence (662), Tod E Strohmayer (662), Jean Hebb Swank (662), Kimberly A Weaver (662)
The Fellows program of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), the major organization of professional astronomers in North America, was established in 2019 to honor members for their contributions toward the AAS mission of enhancing and sharing humanity's scientific understanding of the universe. The following members of ASD were honored among the first group of AAS Fellows, announced Feb. 25:

Edward Cheng
Alice Harding
Sangeeta Malhotra
Maxim Markevitch
John Mather
William Pence
Tod Strohmayer
Jean Hebb Swank
Kimberly Weaver

AMS Joanne Simpson Mentorship Award

Recipient: Anne R. Douglass (614)
For patient guidance and boundless encouragement of young scientists, and for leading by example as a researcher, writer, and project scientist
American Meteorological Society

John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science

Recipients: Keith C Gendreau (662), Zaven Arzoumanian (662)
Drs. Keith Gendreau and Zaven Arzoumanian are the joint winners of the 2019 John C. Lindsay Award for Space Science. Keith and Zaven are being recognized for their development of the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) instrument, and the revelations of the physics of neutron stars and their environments that NICER is producing. Keith is the PI of NICER and Zaven is the Deputy PI.

Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellowship

Recipient: Regina M Caputo (661)
Congratulations to Regina Caputo on her selection as a Nancy Grace Roman Technology Fellow.

2019 François Arago Award

Nov, 2019
Recipient: Michael I. Mishchenko (611)
Presented by the International APOLO Project, this senior award is intended to celebrate profound contributions by a prominent scientist to the research field of polarimetric remote sensing.

Pioneer Certificate

Recipient: Carey E Noll (61A)
Presented at the 2019 SLR Technical Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany, "In recognition of her dedication, vision and creativity in supporting all aspects of the ILRS."
International Laser Ranging Service

HQ Team Excellence Award

Recipients: Celio Helder Resende De Sousa (618), Lola E. Fatoyinbo Agueh (618), Christopher S.R. Neigh (618), Ibrahim N. Mohammed (617), John D. Bolten (617), Kevin Alan Ward (613), Daniel Adam Bader (611), Christian V Braneon (611)
As part of the Agency-wide Earth Science Partnerships Team for accomplishments in creating partnerships with commercial and non-governmental organizations.

IRAD Innovator of the Year

Oct, 2019
Recipient: William W Zhang (662)
Goddard’s Office of the Chief Technologist has named astrophysicist William Zhang as IRAD (Internal Research and Development) Innovator of the Year, an honor the office bestows annually on individuals who demonstrate the best in innovation.

Chosen because of his foresight, perseverance, and leadership, Zhang spent nearly two decades advancing the state-of-the-art in X-ray optics. He and his team ultimately succeeded in their years- long endeavor, creating a new type of optic, made of mono-crystalline silicon, an abundantly available material commonly used to manufacture computer chips.
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GISS Best Publication Award

Recipients: Katherine D Marvel (611), Robert Pincus, Gavin A. Schmidt (611), Ronald Lindsay Miller (611)
The article "Internal variability and disequilibrium confound estimates of climate sensitivity from observations" by Kate Marvel et al. was voted the best research publication by the staff of Goddard Institute for Space Studies to have been published in 2018. The paper appeared in journal Geophysical Research Letters.

2019 ISS Compelling Results Award – Physical Sciences and Materials Development

Recipient: NICER Team
The American Astronautical Society (AAS) grants ISS Research Awards for creative innovations and remarkable research results achieved on the International Space Station (ISS). The society selects winners from nominations by NASA, the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) and international partners. The award is presented at the ISS Research and Development (R&D) Conference, an annual event in the jointly managed by NASA, AAS and CASIS.

ASD Peer Award

Recipients: Jenna Ballard (660), Thomas Barclay (667), Sean C Blumberg (660.2), Daniel Ilao Dizon (662), David P Friedlander (660.2), Jeanette Alexandra Kazmierczak (660), Samuel J Moseley (662), Elmer H Sharp (665), Teresa B Sheets (587), Jennifer J Wiseman (660)
Congratulations to this year's ASD Peer Award winners: Jennifer Ballard, Thomas Barclay, Sean Blumberg, Ruth Carter, Daniel Dizon, David Friedlander, Jeanette Kazmierczak, Samuel J. Moseley, Elmer Sharp, Teresa Sheets, and Jennifer Wiseman.

SSED Peer Award

Recipients: Veronica Amber Allen (691), Carrie Anderson (691), Giada Nicole Arney (693), Jamie Elsila Cook (691), Marley A Fleishman (690), Donald Barry Coyle, Lisa G Kelly (155.1), Jacob Armstrong Richardson (698), Jessica Lynn Still (695), Geronimo L Villanueva (693), Molly L Wasser (690), Nafisatu Abiodun Zubairu (157.1)
Congratulations to the 2019 SSED Peer Award Winners: Veronica Allen, Carrie Anderson, Giada Arney, Jamie Cook, Marley Fleishman, Barry Coyle, Lisa Kelly, Jacob Richardson, Jessica Still, Geronimo Villanueava, Molly Wasser, Nafisatu Zubairu

International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) Early Career Award

Recipient: Denis Felikson (615)
Citation for the paper by the Selection Panel: "Denis Felikson and his co-authors show that the Péclet number, which is determined from high-resolution bedrock and surface topography data, can explain the competition between inland diffusion and advective resupply of ice in Greenland outlet glaciers with floating tongues. This provides a conceptually simple but powerful understanding of the disparate response of Greenland outlet glaciers to terminus perturbations. It also allows identification of the most vulnerable glaciers to climate forcing so that they can be targeted for further studies."
IACS Early Career Scientist Award

GSFC Honor Award - Robert H. Goddard Award of Merit

Recipients: Andrew A. Lacis (611), Caroline Anne Kilbourne (662), Eli Dwek (665), Orville Chris St. Cyr (670)

GSFC Honor Award - Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity


GSFC Honor Award - Leadership

Recipients: David T Leisawitz (605), Thomas Allen Neumann (615), Julie E McEnery (660), Stephen Rinehart, Aki Roberge (667), Elisa V Quintana (667), Joshua E Schlieder (667), SHAWN D DOMAGAL-GOLDMAN (693)

GSFC Honor Award - Mentoring

Recipient: Elisa V Quintana (667)

GSFC Honor Award - Mission & Enabling Support

Recipient: Gavin A. Schmidt (611)

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach

Recipients: Trena M Ferrell (610), Geoffrey Bland (610.W), Jacob B Reed (617)

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