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International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS) Early Career Award

Recipient: Denis Felikson (615)
IACS Early Career Scientist Award

USGIF Academic Achievement Award

Recipients: Aaron Gerace (428), Matthew Montanaro (618)
For their novel, real-time algorithm solution to reduce Landsat 8 calibration errors
United States Geospational Intelligence Foundation

Arthur S. Flemming Award

Recipient: John D. Bolten (617)
"For achieving advances in applying satellite remote sensing, land surface modeling, and data assimilation for water resources management, agricultural forecasting, and flood monitoring and impact assessment. Recent examples of Dr. Bolten’s work include satellite data assimilation -based soil moisture maps that are used operationally by USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, and the first maps based on data from NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) to be available on Google Earth Engine. In addition to his own renowned research as a principal investigator, Dr. Bolten has guided dozens of projects in his role as Associate Program Manager, Water Resources, within NASA’s Applied Sciences Program. He demonstrates exceptional creativity in conceiving novel approaches to complex, applied scientific problems and is highly regarded in the community, as evidenced by frequent requests to give keynote lectures at prominent domestic and international meetings and his nomination to and service on the National Research Council’s Decadal Survey for Earth Science and Applications from Space in 2017, which will guide NASA’s Earth Science mission priorities in the 2020s."
George Washington University News Release

NASA Honor Award - Distinguished Service Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Edward J Masuoka (619)

NASA Honor Award - Outstanding Leadership Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipients: Avi M Mandell (693), Thorsten Markus (615), Joel McCorkel (618), Matthew J McGill (610), David Gary Sibeck (674)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Service Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipients: Jacob Elvin Bleacher (698), Marlo M Maddox (670), Brian L Markham (618), David D Rowlands (61A), Bruce Vollmer, Dorothy J Zukor (610)

NASA Honor Award - Distinguished Public Service Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Robert Ergun

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Public Service Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Richard Eastes

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Timothy Allen Cameron (675)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: J Bryan Blair (61A)

NASA Honor Award - Equal Employment Opportunity Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Torry A Johnson (610)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipients: Emil Lawrence Kepko (675), Barbara J Thompson (671)

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Daniel Jonathan Gershman (673)

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Public Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Jordi Vila Hernandez de Lorenzo (665)

NASA Honor Award - Silver Achievement Medal (Group)

Jun, 2019
Recipient: Landsat 9 GLAMR Team (Joel McCorkel/618)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Jun, 2019
Recipients: John D. Bolten (617), Carl Richard DeVore (674), Alex Glocer (673), Erin Kara, Fei Liu (614), ELIZABETH A MACDONALD (675), Amy A Simon (690), Lynn B Wilson (672)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Jun, 2019
Recipients: Steve/Aurorasaurus Team (Elizabeth MacDonald/675), ICESat-2 Team (Thomas Neumann/615), JWST Optical Independent Verification Team (Charles Bowers/667), MERRA-2 Science Team (Ronald Gelaro/610.1), NICER Instrument Development Team (Keith Gendreau/662), TRMM/GPM Ground Validation Team (David Marks/610.W), TRMM/GPM Ground Validation Team (612)

Piers J. Sellers Award for Interdisciplinary Science

Feb, 2019
Recipients: Jae Nyung Lee (613), DONG L WU (613)

AMS Fellow

Jan, 2019
Honorees: Scott A Braun (612), George J Huffman (612)
For outstanding contributions to the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences or their applications during a substantial period of years
American Meteorological Society (AMS)

AGU Jule Gregory Charney Lecture

Dec, 2018
Recipient: Paul A. Newman (610)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Oct, 2018
Recipient: 2017 ABoVE Airborne Campaign

AGU Athelstan Spilhaus Award

Recipient: C. Alex Young (670)
Alex Young has been selected to receive the 2018 AGU Athelstan Spilhaus Award! This award is given in recognition for “enhancement of the public engagement with Earth and space sciences, through devoting portions of their career conveying to the general public the excitement, significance, and beauty of the Earth and space sciences.”

AGU Excellence in Earth and Space Science Education Award

Recipient: Mark A Chandler (611)
American Geophysical Union

John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science

Recipient: Jane R Rigby (665)
Jane Rigby is the winner of the 2018 John C. Lindsay Award for Space Science. Jane is being recognized for her leadership on the Magellan Evolution of Galaxies Spectroscopic and Ultraviolet Reference Atlas (Megasaura). Jane has led the Megasaura project since its inception in 2010.
Image of article first page

GISS Best Publication Award

Recipients: Gregory S Elsaesser (611), Anthony D. Del Genio (611), Marcus van Lier-Walqui (611), Jonathan H. Jiang
The article "An improved convective ice parameterization for the NASA GISS Global Climate Model and impacts on cloud ice simulation" by Gregory Elsaesser et al. was voted the best research publication by the staff of Goddard Institute for Space Studies to have been published in 2017. The paper appeared in the Journal of Climate.

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