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AMS Fellow

Jan, 2019
Honorees: Scott A Braun (612), George J Huffman (612)
For outstanding contributions to the atmospheric or related oceanic or hydrologic sciences or their applications during a substantial period of years
American Meteorological Society (AMS)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award

Oct, 2018
Recipient: 2017 ABoVE Airborne Campaign

AGU Athelstan Spilhaus Award

Recipient: C. Alex Young (670)
Alex Young has been selected to receive the 2018 AGU Athelstan Spilhaus Award! This award is given in recognition for “enhancement of the public engagement with Earth and space sciences, through devoting portions of their career conveying to the general public the excitement, significance, and beauty of the Earth and space sciences.”

AGU Excellence in Earth and Space Science Education Award

Recipient: Mark A Chandler (611)
American Geophysical Union

John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science

Recipient: Jane R Rigby (665)
Jane Rigby is the winner of the 2018 John C. Lindsay Award for Space Science. Jane is being recognized for her leadership on the Magellan Evolution of Galaxies Spectroscopic and Ultraviolet Reference Atlas (Megasaura). Jane has led the Megasaura project since its inception in 2010.
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GISS Best Publication Award

Recipients: Gregory S Elsaesser (611), Anthony D. Del Genio (611), Marcus van Lier-Walqui (611), Jonathan H. Jiang
The article "An improved convective ice parameterization for the NASA GISS Global Climate Model and impacts on cloud ice simulation" by Gregory Elsaesser et al. was voted the best research publication by the staff of Goddard Institute for Space Studies to have been published in 2017. The paper appeared in the Journal of Climate.

AGU Fellow

Recipients: Christa D Peters-Lidard (610), Gavin A. Schmidt (611), Dorothy K Hall (615)
For “visionary leadership and scientific excellence (that) have fundamentally advanced research in their respective fields.”
American Geophysical Union

William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science

Recipient: Anne M Thompson (610)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Medal

Recipients: CIRS, Cassini Composite Infrared Spectrometer Team/F. Michael Flaser, Community Coordinated Modeling Center/Leila Markus, Electric Field Wire Boom Deployer Team/Robert Pfaff, Goddard Astrophysics Communications Team/Barbara Mattson, NASA’s Black Marble Science Team/Miguel Roman, SED Resources Management Team/Lisa Kelleher

NASA Honor Award – Exceptional Public Achievement Medal

Recipients: Patricia A McCaughey (610.2), Michelle Anne Hofton (61A)

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Public Achievement Medal

Recipients: Belen Franch (619), Michael Kenneth Barker (698), Wade G Henning (698)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal

Recipient: Sujay V Kumar (617)
For “leading the development of the Land Information System software and its transfer to multiple U.S. and international agencies.”

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

Recipients: Lazaros Oreopoulos (613), Richard D. Ray (61A), Adolfo Figueroa Vinas (670), Gordon D Holman (671)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Service Medal

Recipients: Scott D Barthelmy (661), George J Huffman (612)

NASA Honor Award - Outstanding Leadership Medal

Recipients: Dennis F Chesters (613), Keith C Gendreau (662)

NASA Honor Award - Silver Achievement Medal (Group)

Recipient: Heliophysics Education Consortium Eclipse Team/Alex Young

NASA Honor Award - Silver Achievement Medal

Recipient: Eleonora Troja (660)

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Achievement Medal

Recipients: Nicholeen M Viall (671), Giada Nicole Arney (693), Gina A DiBraccio (695), Heather B. Franz (698)

NASA Honor Award - Distinguished Public Service Medal

Recipient: William McClintock

NASA Honor Award - Distinguished Service Medal

Recipients: Neil Gehrels, Dennis C Reuter (693)

Life Member of the Eastern Snow Conference

Jun, 2018
Honoree: James L Foster (617)

Moe I. Schneebaum Memorial Award for Engineering

Recipient: J Bryan Blair (61A)
The Moe I. Schneebaum Memorial Award for Engineering was created in memory of Moe I. Schneebaum’s far-reaching contributions to space technology and to the Goddard Space Flight Center. This award is the Center’s highest recognition for engineering contributions toward advancing and extending the technology of space flight.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow

Honoree: Claire L Parkinson (610)
Founded in 1780, the American Academy serves the nation as a champion of scholarship, civil dialogue, and useful knowledge. As one of the country’s oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers, the Academy convenes leaders from the academic, business, and government sectors to respond to the challenges facing the nation and the world.
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
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Excellence in Information Science and Technology (IS&T) Award

Recipient: William E Fink (606.1)

AAS President’s Recognition Award

Recipient: Harley A Thronson (660)
Harley Thronson received the AAS President’s Recognition Award for a decade of chairing the Goddard Symposium planning team.
American Astronautical Society

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