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John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science


Recipients:Geronimo Villanueva (he/his) (690), Michael Doyle Smith (693)

Dr. Lindsay, who joined the Goddard Space Flight Center on December 28, 1958, served as Associate Chief of the Space Sciences Division and headed the Goddard solar physics program. He pioneered in the exploration of the Sun by both satellite and rocket-borne experiments. He was awarded NASA's Medal of Exceptional Scientific Achievement for "the achievement of a major scientific advance in the study of the Sun and for significant technological progress in highly precise satellite attitude control." In addition to his scientific contributions, Dr. Lindsay conceived and directed the Orbiting Solar Observatory Project and was manager of several Explorer and Pioneer missions. The John C. Lindsay Memorial Award was established to recognize Goddard scientists who exemplify the same level of scientific achievement as Dr. Lindsay.

Planetary Science Early Career Award (ECA)


Recipients:Lynnae C. Quick (698)

Program Element C.19 of ROSES-2020, the Planetary Science Early Career Award (ECA) Program supports the professional development of outstanding early-career scientists in areas relevant to the Planetary Science Division.

AGU International Award


Recipients:John D. Bolten (617)

For dedication to improving lives in Southeast Asia and Africa through development and training in the use of hydrological datasets and tools
AGU International Award Recipients

AGU Joanne Simpson Medal for Mid-Career Scientists


Recipients:Dalia B Kirschbaum (610)

For sustained leadership to advance landslide hazard prediction and practical application of novel earth observations for societal benefit
AGU Joanne Simpson Medal Recipients

Editor Award - Journal of Hydrometeorology


Recipients:Andrew Feldman (618)

American Meteorological Society

NASA Software of the Year Award


Recipients:Dalia B Kirschbaum (610), Thomas Stanley (617), Robert Alexander Emberson (617), Pukar Man Amatya (617)

Goddard Team Wins NASA 2023 Software of the Year Award

AAS Claudia J Alexander Prize


Recipients:Amy A Simon (690)

The Claudia J. Alexander Prize recognizes a mid-career scientist who has made and continues to make outstanding contributions that have significantly advanced our knowledge of planetary systems, including our solar system. These contributions can be experimental, observational, and/or theoretical in nature and achieved in the laboratory, office, and by observations with ground-based and space-based instruments and telescopes.
AAS 2023 Prize Recipients

William Nordberg Memorial Award for Earth Science


Recipients:Steven E Platnick (610)

For pushing the envelope of innovation in cloud property remote retrieval, interpretation, and worldwide dissemination.
The William Nordberg Memorial Awards and Lectures

Excellence in Mentoring


Recipients:Kimberly A Weaver (662), Jeremy David Schnittman (663), W. Dean Pesnell (671), Carl Richard DeVore (674), Mahmooda Sultana (699)

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)


Recipients:Trena M Ferrell (610), Robert C Levy (613), Marc J Kuchner (667), Luoth Chou (699)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Mission & Enabling Support


Recipients:Glenn M Wolfe (614)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Engineering


Recipients:Joseph B. Nicholas (61A), IMPACTS Microwave Instrument Team (612), IMPACTS Microwave Instrument Team (619)

Robert H. Goddard Award - Safety


Recipients:Shannon Reynier Sankar (663)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Merit


Recipients:Joanna Joiner (614), Charles W Bowers (667), Randy A Kimble (667)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Quality and Process Improvement


Recipients:Code 600 Foreign Travel LSS (612), Swift Mission Operations Center (661)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Supervision


Recipients:EFTYHIA ZESTA (673)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Secretarial & Clerical


Recipients:Victor E Freeman (610), Susan Teates (667)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science Teams


Recipients:JPSSS-2 Instrument and Imagery Cal & Val Teams (614), General Coordinates Network Circular Team (661), PRIME Wide Field Imager Team (665), WSA Team (671)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science


Recipients:Helen M Amos (610), Antonia Gambacorta (613), Sampa Das (614), Scott Friedman (660), James Fuentes (660), Tyler Parsotan (661), Hyunju K Connor (673), Thomas J. Fauchez (693), Brian D Beckley (61A)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Technician


Recipients:Thomas J Kelly (614), Cuernavaca-X Team (691)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Mentoring


Recipients:Nathan Roth (691)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Outreach Teams


Recipients:James Webb Space Telescope Social Media Team (660)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Outreach


Recipients:Dorian W Janney (612)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Leadership


Recipients:Nicholeen M Viall (671)