Planets and Disks

Alice Quillen

Physics of Planetary Rings and Signposts of Planets

Aurélien Crida

Non-planet mechanisms for clearing and sculpting discs [Power Point] [PDF]

Cathie Clarke

Signs of Planets in Young Disks

Hannah Jang-Condell

Infrared Variability of Transition Disks: Influence of a Planet?

Kevin Flaherty, James Muserolle, George Rieke, R. Gutermuth, Z. Balog, W. Herbst, S.T. Megeath, M. Kun

Signposts of Planets Observed by SEEDS

Michael W. McElwain

LkCa 15b: A Young Exoplanet Caught at Formation

Adam L. Kraus, Michael Ireland

Signposts of 2-4 Planets in a Mature Disk: Spitzer Evidence for Delivery of Organics and Water-Rich Material from the Kuiper Belt to the THZ of ~1 Gyr Old Sun-Like Star h Corvi

Casey Lisse, C. Chen, M. Wyatt, A. Morlok, D. Watson, M. Puravan-kara, P. Sheehan, T. Currie, P. Thebault, M. Sitko

Submillimeter Imaging of Disks

David Wilner

Non-Planet Debris Disk Structures

Kate Su

HD 100546: a disk, a gap, and a planet?

François Ménard

β Pictoris b
a proxy for planet formation studies

A.-M. Lagrange, J. Milli, A. Boccaletti, G. Chauvin, D. Apai, et al

Searching for Exozodiacal Clouds with Kepler
Searching for Signposts with Kepler

Christopher Stark

Collisional Cascades as Signposts of Planets

Margaret Pan

Born Again Disks as Signposts for Planets [Key Note] [Power Point]

John H. Debes

Structures in Illuminated Optically Thick Dusk Disks [Video 1] [Video 2] [Video 3]

Pawel Artymowicz, Jeffrey Fung

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