Using the DEBRIS Survey to Constrain Disc Properties

Mark Booth and the DEBRIS Team

Resolving disks and binaries in A-star debris disks

Joanna Bulger, J. Patience, R. DeRosa, R. King, B. Ayliffe, M. Bate, I. Song, C. Pinte, J. Koda, D. Dowell, A. Kovacs

High-Contrast Imaging Observations of Radial Velocity Trend Stars

Justin R. Crepp, John A. Johnson, & California Planet Search

The Role of Stellar Mass in High-Contrast Imaging

Justin R. Crepp, John A. Johnson

Mid-infrared imaging of exo-Earths: impact of exozodiacal disk structures

Denis Defrere, O. Absil, C. Stark, R. denHartog, W. Danchi

Numerical Studies of the Linear and Non-linear Evolution of Density Waves Generated By Low Mass Planets in Prostellar Disk

Robin Dong, Roman Rafikov, Jim Stone

Modeling self-subtraction of extended emission in angular differential imaging: Application to the HD 32297 debris disk

Tom Esposito, Michael P. Fitzgerald, Paul Kalas, James R. Graham

Resolving Disk Structure with Adaptive Secondary AO

Kate Follette, Laird Close, Jared Males, Derek Kopon, Phil Hinz, Glenn Schneider, Carol Grady

Another evidence for the inner hole in the disk around the Herbig Ae star HD169142

Mitsuhiko Honda, Kown Maaskant, Yoshiko Okamoto, Hirokazu Kataza, Misato Fukagawa, Takuya Yamashita, Hideaki Fujiwara, Takuya Fujiyoshi, Takashi Miyata, Shigeyuki Sako, Itsuki Sakon

Angular momenta of rarefied preplanetesimals and formation of small-body binaries

S. I. Ipatov

Sources of the zodiacal dust cloud

S. I. Ipatov

Transitional disks in the youngest nearby star-forming regions: their trends and insights on planet formation

Kyoung Hee Kim, IRS Disks Team

Stripping a Debris Disk by Close Stellar Encounters in an Open Cluster

Jean-François Lestrade, Etienne Morey, Antoine Lassus, Naron Phou

Detailed study of two debris disks seen by Herschel

Jérémy Lebreton, Jean-Charles Augereau, William Dent, Jessica Donaldson, Carlos Eiroa, Steve Ertel Torsten Löhne, Pablo Riviere Marichalar, Jonathan Marshall, Geoff Mathoews, François Méard, Sebastian Müller, Christophe Pinte, Aki Roberge, Glenn Schneider, Wing-Fai Thi, and the GASPS and DUNES teams

Angular Differential Imagins of Disks and application to β Pictoris

Julien Milli, David Mouillet, Anne-Marie Lagrange, Anthony Baccaletti

Common Warm Dust Temperatures Around Main Sequence Stars

Farisa Y. Morales, George Rieke, Michael Werner, Karl Stapelfeldt, Geoffrey Bryden, Kate Su

Crystalline forsterite as a signpost of planet formation in the disk of HD100546

Gijs Mulders

Powering the Line Emission from Planet-Forming Disks

Neal Turner

ALMA Seeking Planetary Signs

Al Wooten

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