artist concept of a debris disk with traffic signs

David Friedlander's photos of the Conference are here.

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Do debris disks always contain planets? Can we infer the properties of these planets from the morphologies of these disks? How do planets affect T Tauri, Herbig Ae, and transitional disks? Are patterns in exozodiacal clouds friend or foe for direct imaging of exoEarths?

This conference will bring together observers, modelers, and instrument builders to take on all these questions. Bring your prettiest images and simulations; let's compare them.


  • J.C. Augereau
  • Nuria Calvet
  • James Graham
  • Jane Greaves
  • Willy Kley
  • Marc Kuchner
  • Christian Marois
  • Michael McElwain
  • Lee Mundy
  • Ruth Murray-Clay
  • Alice Quillen
  • Sean Raymond
  • Glenn Schneider
  • Karl Stapelfeldt
  • Marshall Perrin
  • Alycia Weinberger



  • Mark Clampin
  • Thayne Currie
  • John Debes
  • Carol Grady
  • Hannah Jang-Condell
  • Marc Kuchner
  • Avi Mandell
  • Aki Roberge
  • Christopher Stark
  • Bill Oegerle

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