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Doug Rowland (675) gave the 2022 Birkeland Lecture to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters

photo of Dr. RowlandDoug Rowland (675) gave the 2022 Birkeland Lecture to the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. His talk was about the Grand Challenge Initiative-Cusp and the results of the VISIONS-2 (VISualizing Ion Outflow via Neutral Atom Sensing-2) sounding rocket mission. The talk was titled "Fountains in the sky: Following Earth's leaky atmosphere into space

Robert Pfaff (675) was named the 2022 AGU Marcel Nicolet lecturer

photo of Dr. PfaffRobert Pfaff (675) was named the 2022 AGU Marcel Nicolet lecturer, which is a significant honor and recognition of Rob's work in electric field instrumentation and electrodynamics research in the ionosphere. Rob will give the Nicolet lecture at this year's Fall AGU Meeting in Chicago the week of December 12.
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The Ionosphere, Thermosphere, Mesosphere Physics Laboratory works to understand the complex dynamics and chemistry of the middle and upper atmosphere (above 50 km altitude), including its internal dynamics, electrodynamics, and chemistry, and also its tight coupling to the magnetosphere and lower atmosphere, as well as its response to variations in direct solar forcing. Our research expands knowledge of our home planet, including a region that is the “home” of space weather effects. Our research uses this accessible natural laboratory to study fundamental phenomena of rarefied gases, plasma-gas interactions, and plasma electrodynamics that are universal and apply to bodies in our Solar System as well as exoplanets.

We conceive, develop, and support missions to observe gas and plasma dynamics throughout this region. The Laboratory develops improved instrumentation, theoretical models, and data analysis techniques to investigate neutral and electrodynamic processes. We establish and support partnerships throughout the international science community, communicating research results, and providing data access and analysis techniques and tools.

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