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  • Software Resources

    There are many community open source software packages. You can find some at website. You can also join their newsletters and meetings.

    Links to some of the ITM society and community pages

    CEDAR, the Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions Program is a early workshop and group of researchers who aim to understand the fundamental properties of the space-atmosphere interaction region;identify the interconnected processes that define the local and global behavior, the evolution, and influence on the SunEarth system; and to explore their predictability. On their website you can find out more about the community as well as resources such as Bishop Acronym Guide, Software, Models, and tools useful for ITM research

    The Geospace Environment Modeling (GEM) is a group of researchers looking to improve our collaborations looking at the Earth's magnetosphere and its coupling to the atmosphere and with the solar wind. They also hold a yearly workshop int the summer as well as a mini gathering at/around the time of the American Geophysical Union. On the GEM website you can find other resources such as tutorials, and newsletters

    Our Favourite Scientific Visualization Studio Resources

    Welcome to the Ionosphere

    A wonderful cartoon describing the Ionosphere and upper atmospheric layers, the beautiful nature which can be found there, and the space weather in this envirionment that impacts our society and technology. You can view, share, and download this video from YouTube or on the NASA Scientific Visualization studio.

    Polar Mesospheric Clouds

    Polar mesospheric clouds - also known as noctilucent clouds - are at the edge of our atmosphere and space and can be impacted by gravity waves. These beautiful clouds help us understand how the atmosphere and space are connected. This video and more can be viewed, shared, and downloaded at the scientific visualization studio

    A Solar Wind Sea Shanty

    Parodying the classic sea shanty "The The Solar Wind: A Heliophysics Sea illuminates one of the primary connections between the Sun and Earth, the solar wind. This video can be shared and downloaded at YouTube .

    Other favourite visualiations from NASA's Scientific visualitation studio

    We've tried to organize this list... We've done our best. Please visit the SVS website for an actual search function, and more videos on other topics.
    Orbit and mission beauty shots
    Here are looks at the missions, their orbits, and videos about their instrumentation.
    The Ionosphere, it's layers and phenomena
    The atmospehre and phenomena
    Electric fields
    Human impacts
    Planatary connections to Space
    Solar Eclipse
    Plasma processes
    Collections and press conferences