ITM Physics Laboratory
Sciences and Exploration Directorate - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center


Welcome to our lab!

We are researchers, engineers, project support specialists, budget analysts, educators, communicators, and more. We have backgrounds in physics, biology, history, engineering, business and more. We use our skills to understand the connections between planets, their atmospheres, ionospheres, magnetospheres, and their connection to their star. Some of us approach problems using a system science approach, while others do deep dives into the intricacies of specific problems and phenomena. We have folks who develop models and theories to understand better this large system where measurements are difficult to make. And we have folks who work towards sampling and getting data from across this vast system.

We are researchers who are just starting their careers and those who are a bit more experienced. We are civil servants who work to ensure knowledge is preserved and developed to secure national interests and support the broader research community. We are also contractors who work at non-profits, at universities, and at other organisations. We all aim to broaden our understanding of how to better live and work in the Earth/Planet space environment - and share this knowledge and excitement with others.

Over the years, some of our s longer-term residents, postdocs, and students visiting our lab have been highlighted both at Goddard and beyond. In the coming weeks, ll point to these introductions to our lab personnel and the missions and projects we have been involved in.

We look forward to sharing our curiosity of the ITM system and our work! Stay tuned, and check back for updates on the work done in our lab!

Best regards,

Alexa, Fabrizzio, and the 675 lab

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