Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory
National Capital Area Disks Meeting



Magnetically Controlled Accretion Flows onto Young Stellar Objects

Fred Adams

A Significant Population of Candidate New Member of the ρ Ophiuchi Cluster

Mary Barsony, Karl Haisch Jr, Ken Marsh, Chris McCarthy, SETI Institute, Utah Valley University, Cardiff U., SFSU

The Subaru SEEDS Imaging Search for Exoplanets of High Mass Stars

Joe Carson, Thea Kozakis, Laura Stevens, Mike McElwain, Christian Thalmann, Markus Janson, Motohide Tamura, Mickäel Bonnefoy, Josh Schlieder, Ryo Kandori, SEEDS science & instrument teams

The Disk and Jet of the Classical T Tauri Star AA Tau

A.W. Cox, C.A. Grady, H. Hammel, J. Hornbeck, R. Russell, M. Sitko, B. Woodgate

Circumstellar Calcium around WD 1124-293:The Last Gasp of a Dying Planetary System

John H. Debes, Mukremin Kilic, Alycia Weinberger, Mercedes Lopez-Morales, Evgenya Shkolnik, Francesca Faedi

Herschel Observations and Modeling of the HD 32297 Debris Disk

Jessica Donaldson, Aki Roberge, The Herschel GASPS Team

The SEEDS of Planet Formation: Indirect Signatures of Giant Planets in Transitional Disks

Carol Grady and the SEEDS consortium

Polarimetric Imaging of Large Cavity Structures in the Transitional Disk around PDS 70

Jun Hashimoto R. Dong, T. Kudo, M. Honda, M.K. McClure, Z. Zhu, T. Muto, J. Wisniewski,

Supertidal Terrestrial Exoplanets
DissipationThroughLayers-ISSE-PREM-e0d1-p40d.avi (Movie)
DissipationThroughOrbit-ISSE-1000km-e0d1-p10d.avi (Movie)

Wade Henning

Disk Imaging, Characterization, and Exloration (DICE) with HST/STIS Mult-Roll Coronography: A Clearer Picture of the Moth's Anatomy

Dean C. Hines, Glenn Schneider, John Debes

Evolution of Accretion Disks with Dead Zones

Steve Lubow

Tracing Organic Chemistry in Primordial Disks Through High-Resolution Infrared Spectroscopy

Avi Mandell

Highlights on Debris Disks from the Herschel Key Science Programmes

Aki Roberge

The Blue Gray Needle: LBT AO Imaging of the HD 15115 Debris Disk

Timothy J. Rodigas, Phil Hinz, Andy Skemer, Kate Su, Glenn Schneider, Laird Close, Vanessa Bailey, Thayne Currie, & 48 Co-authors

Disk Variability: Challenges to High Resolution Studies of Disks

M.L. Sitko

Parallactic Distances to Nearby Young Association Stars

Alycia Weinberger

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