Exoplanets and Stellar Astrophysics Laboratory
National Capital Area Disks Meeting III (NCAD3)

artist concept of the Capital surrounded by a disk

This meeting aims to bring together researchers in the Washington, DC area to investigate topics related to the origins and formation of planets and exoplanets. The "Disks" in the title refer to circumstellar disks around young stars in which planets are forming, but we also welcome discussion of planets, exoplanets, meteorites, comets and asteroids, and any other topic which might shed light on the origins of planetary systems.

This is the third annual workshop of the series, and NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center is proud to be hosting this year's meeting.


Download the registration form here. Registration is due on Friday, June 11.

Badging Requirements

The National Capital Area Disks Workshop III will be held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Since this is a government facility, all conference attendees will be required to obtain badges in order to enter the Center. Processing for non-U.S. citizens may take up to 60 days.

Please contact Sandy Barnes (sandra.l.barnes@nasa.gov, 301.286.7780) to obtain the forms necessary for getting your badge. Because of the badging requirements, non-U.S. citizens must have all documentation submitted by the close of business on May 14. U.S citizens must have documentation submitted by June 23.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and strongly encourage you to attend!

Once You Get Here

Travel to Main Entrance of Goddard off Greenbelt Road. Park in small parking lot outside the Gate and obtain visitor badge at the Security Office. Then, enter through Main Gate and continue down Goddard Road to first stop sign at Explorer Road, and turn right. Continue through stop light at ICESat Road, and make first left into big parking lot behind Building 34. The meeting is in Building 34, room 150W.


Holiday Inn Greenbelt
Hilton Garden Inn Greenbelt


Contact: Thayne Currie