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2018 Seminars

Harvest: A NASA Consortium on Agriculture and Food Security
Dr. Chris Justice | University of Maryland

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Special Seminar: What's new in the IPCC Special Report on 1.5C?
Dr. Natalie Mahowald | Cornell University

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Opportunities and Challenges Integrating Earth Observation Data into Developing Country Decision-making Around the Sustainable Development Goals
Dr. Alex Zvoleff | Conservation International

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The Energy Revolution, Nexus of Energy-Food-Water Systems, and Discussion of Potential Relevant NASA Resources
Dr. Jill Engel-Cox | Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA) at National Rewnewable Energy Laboratory (NRL)

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Remote Sensing of Agricultural Conservation Performance in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
Dr. W. Dean Hively | U.S. Geological Survey

Tropospheric Ozone Air Pollution Impact on Crops and Native Vegetation
Dr. John Skelly | Professor (Retired) of Plant Pathology from the Pennsylvania State University

Quantifying the Socioeconomic Benefits of Earth Observations in Decision-Making
Dr. Yusuke Kuwayama | Resources for the Future, VALUABLES Consortium

Vector-borne Disease and Climate Variability
Dr. Assaf Anyamba | NASA GSFC

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