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Goddard's Mars Organic Molecular Analyzer Mass Spectrometer (MOMA-MS) team celebrates major milestone

photo of MOMA-MS team with shipping box On Wednesday May 16 the MOMA-MS was shipped from Goddard Space Flight Center to Thales Alenia Space in Torino, Italy to begin its integration with other instruments on the ExoMars rover planned to launch toward Mars in 2020. The MOMA instrument is provided to the ExoMars mission with a European and US teaming collaboration that integrates a Goddard linear ion trap mass spectrometer with a French provided gas chromatograph and a laser provided by Germany. The goal of this highly capable instrument is to detect and identify organic material from below the surface of Mars that is delivered to MOMA by a drill on the rover. This drill can acquire sample from up to 2 meters below the surface. At that depth organic molecules are better protected from destruction by the high energy radiation that penetrates through the thin martian atmosphere. The primary goal of the mission is to search for organic molecules of biotic or prebiotic relevance that may give us clues about possible microbial life on ancient Mars at a time where surface water was abundant.

Colleen Hartman leaps into space before TESS

Carol and Colleen jump in the air in front of rocket Carol Vorderman, famous UK TV host, Board Director for Challenger Center, #1 best-selling math/science education author in the UK, and Honorary Group Captain of the Royal Air Force, joins Dr. Colleen Hartman by leaping into space ahead of the TESS MISSION launch (Falcon 9/TESS in background).

Safety Week, for the win!

photo of Juri, Brent, and Ryan Injecting levity into the week’s serious subjects, Chief Financial Officer Steve Shinn served as host for Safety Jeopardy, a trivia contest based on the popular television quiz show “Jeopardy!”. Representatives from the Goddard's Sciences and Exploration Directorate claimed the competition’s Safety Cone Award, dethroning the two-time defending champions from the Goddard Applied Engineering and Technology Directorate. The SED team was comprised of Juri Schauerman (690) Brent Gary (698) and Ryan Smallcomb (660).
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I’d like to welcome you to NASA Goddard’s Science and Exploration Directorate -- the largest Earth and space science research organization in the world. Located across our main campus at Greenbelt, MD, New York City and Wallops Flight Facility, we total more than 2,000 employees, including civil servants, university scientists, contractors and students.

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