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Hubble Studies Gamma-Ray Burst With Highest Energy Ever Seen

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has given astronomers a peek at the location of the most energetic outburst ever seen in the universe — a blast of gamma-rays a trillion times more powerful than visible light. That’s because in a few seconds the gamma-ray burst (GRB) emitted more energy than the Sun will provide over its entire 10-billion year life.

NASA’s Fermi, Swift Missions Enable a New Era in Gamma-ray Science

Two distant explosions first detected by NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory have produced the highest-energy light yet seen from these events, called gamma-ray bursts (GRBs).

Fung-Wong – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

As Tropical Depression 28W continued organizing and developing into Tropical Storm Fung-Wong in the Philippine Sea, NASA’s Aqua satellite provided data on the storm to forecasters.

Making a Connection in the Kingdom of Tonga

Against the odds, the landmass that exploded and oozed into existence in early 2015 is now nearly five years old.

Sebastien – Atlantic Ocean

NASA’s Aqua satellite captured an image of newly formed Tropical Storm Sebastien, located northeast of the Leeward Islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

Fires in the Caucasus

Satellites detected what appears to be wildfires in the mountainous region.

NASA Takes a Cue From Silicon Valley to Hatch Artificial Intelligence Technologies

Could the same computer algorithms that teach autonomous cars to drive safely help identify nearby asteroids or discover life in the universe? NASA scientists are trying to figure that out by partnering with pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI) to apply advanced computer algorithms to problems in space science.

Permafrost Becoming a Carbon Source Instead of a Sink

As global and regional warming continues, winter emissions of carbon dioxide from Arctic lands are offsetting what plants absorb in the summer.

NASA Scientists Confirm Water Vapor on Europa

Scientists have evidence that one of these ingredients, liquid water, is present under the icy surface of Europa, a moon of Jupiter, and may sometimes erupt into space in huge geysers. Now scientists have detected the water vapor for the first time above Europa’s surface.

21E – Eastern Pacific Ocean

Tropical Depression 21E never matured into a tropical storm and a NASA analysis of rainfall rates show the storm won’t have that chance.

Long-Term Drought Parches Chile

Citizens of central Chile are accustomed to long spells of dry weather. But the past decade has brought an extreme drought that is remarkable even for a region with a semi-arid Mediterranean climate.

First Detection of Sugars in Meteorites Gives Clues to Origin of Life

An international team has found sugars essential to life in meteorites. The new discovery adds to the growing list of biologically important compounds that have been found in meteorites.

NASA Soil Data Joins the Air Force

SMAP satellite soil moisture measurements now increase the accuracy of Army and Air Force weather forecasts and advisories.

NASA Data Helps Assess Landslide Risk in Rohingya Refugee Camps

Camp managers and other officials overseeing Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are incorporating NASA satellite observations into their decision making...

Cloud Streets over the Atlantic

Cold air moving over relatively warm ocean water produced a pattern of clouds that lined up in organized rows.

Hubble Spots a Curious Spiral

Many galaxies we see through telescopes such as the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, the source of this beautiful image, look relatively similar: spiraling arms, a glowing center, and a mixture of bright specks of star formation and dark ripples of cosmic dust weaving throughout. This galaxy, a spiral galaxy named NGC 772, is no exception.

Raymond – Eastern Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Terra satellite captured an image of developing Tropical Storm Raymond in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

Kalmaegi – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Tropical Depression Kalmaegi continues moving west through the Philippine Sea and toward a landfall in the east central Philippines.

NASA's Terra Satellite Sees Fire and Smoke from Devastating Bushfires in Australia

New South Wales in south eastern Australia is continuing to experience devastating bushfires due to the dry tinder-like atmosphere in the territory: high winds, dry lightning and continuing heat.

With Mars Methane Mystery Unsolved, Curiosity Serves Scientists a New One: Oxygen

Scientists noticed something baffling on Mars: oxygen, the gas many Earth creatures use to breathe, behaves in a way that so far no one can explain through any known chemical processes.

Fengshen – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite provided a look at the rainfall occurring within the newly developed Tropical Storm Fengshen.

Bushfires Still Raging in New South Wales

Fire managers warned of “the most dangerous bushfire week this nation has ever seen.”

NASA to Showcase Science and Engineering Achievements at Annual Supercomputing Conference

From surveying life on Earth to exploring the far reaches of space, researchers from across NASA and university and industry partners will highlight their latest findings, made possible by the agency’s supercomputers, at SC19—the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis, Nov. 18 to 22 in Denver, CO.

Susquehanna Sediment in the Chesapeake Bay

Sediment-rich water flowed down the river after a string of strong thunderstorms hit central Pennsylvania.

Hubble Touts a Team of Stars

Within a galaxy hosting around 300 billion stars, here the Hubble Space Telescope has captured a mere handful or two — just about enough to form a single football team. These stellar “teammates” play under the banner of NGC 1333, the cloud of gas and dust that formed them and that they continue to call home.
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