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Inside Dark, Polar Moon Craters, Water Not as Invincible as Expected, Scientists Argue

Despite temperature that dips to -388 degrees Fahrenheit (-233 Celsius) and can presumably keep frost locked in soil virtually forever, water is slowly escaping the topmost layer of the Moon’s surface

Study Projects Troubles for 1700 Vertebrate Species

Researchers examined how human land use will affect species habitats around the world.

Tracking Smoke From Fires to Improve Air Quality Forecasting

NASA and NOAA kicked off a months-long airborne investigation into the life cycles of smoke from fires in the United States for improved forecasting and for better understanding their impact on weather and climate.

TD5E (Eastern Pacific)

A new tropical depression formed in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, far enough away from the coast so that no coastal warnings are needed.

Goddard X-Ray Technology Opens New Frontiers In Space And Here On Earth

NASA has selected a breakthrough X-ray technology with diverse applications as the 2019 Government Invention of the Year.

Lava Lake Discovered on Mount Michael

Scientists confirmed a stable pond of lava exists within the crater, raising the planet’s known number of lava lakes to seven.

High Level in Alberta Canada Tops One Million Acres Burned

No rest for Alberta Canada’s firefighting force this summer. On July 18, 2019, the Suomi NPP satellite saw that the High Level area in northern Alberta is still under siege from multiple fires.

Hubble Spots a Stunning Spiral

Galaxies come in many shapes and sizes. One of the key galaxy types we see in the universe is the spiral galaxy, as demonstrated in an especially beautiful way by the subject of this Hubble Space Telescope image, NGC 2985. NGC 2985 lies over 70 million light-years from the solar system in the constellation of Ursa Major (the Great Bear).

Monsoon Rains Flood South Asia

At least seven million people in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan have been displaced or had their lives disrupted by flooding in July 2019.

NASA’s Webb Telescope Shines with American Ingenuity

Sending humans to the Moon is similar to building the worlds most complex and powerful space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope. Both require surmounting countless hurdles, inventing new technologies while staring into the face of the unknown.

Green Space is Good for Mental Health

New study uses satellite and demographic data to show how the prolonged presence of green space is important for a healthy society.

Earth's Shining Upper Atmosphere — From the Apollo Era to the Present

In 1972, Apollo 16 astronauts stood on the Moon and took a picture of Earth like none before: the first view of our planet in far ultraviolet light. Nearly 50 years later, compare views of Earth’s shining ionosphere from the Apollo era to NASA’s present-day GOLD mission.

Danas – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Tropical Depression Danas formed northeast of the Northern Philippines and was already affecting the country.

Alaska Still Reeling From Incessant Wildfires

Alaska is still setting the pace in the U.S. with the most wildfires and the largest acreage burned this season to date.

New Hubble Constant Measurement Adds to Mystery of Universe’s Expansion Rate

Astronomers have made a new measurement of how fast the universe is expanding, using an entirely different kind of star than previous endeavors.

A Few Things Artemis Will Teach Us About Living and Working on the Moon

Here are a few things we’ll learn by spending time on the Moon’s surface.

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Simulates View from Lunar Module

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) simulated what Neil Armstrong saw in those final minutes as he guided the Lunar Module to the surface of the Moon.

Iceland’s Waters Abloom

July 2019 brought the latest display of a phytoplankton bloom that occurs every year in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Yet Another Fire Breaks Out in Greenland

Greenland is an immense island and an autonomous Danish territory located between the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Fires in Brazil's State of Tocantins Captured by Suomi NPP

It is the dry season in Brazil and fires tend to break out easily in hot climates such as the country of Brazil.

TD4E (Eastern Pacific Ocean)

The Eastern Pacific Ocean generated the fourth tropical cyclone of the hurricane season on July 13 and by the next day, it had already weakened into a remnant low pressure area.

Hubble and Going Forward to the Moon

We are going forward to the Moon by 2024, but did you know that back in 2005, Dr. Jim Garvin pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at our nearest celestial neighbor for a very important reason?

Kolyma’s Annual Purge

Every June, the Kolyma River thaws and carries organic materials that stain the Arctic Ocean.

Another Fire in Greenland

Nearly two years after a rare wildfire in western Greenland, satellites spotted new smoke plumes streaming from the same region.

Hubble Peers at Galactic Cherry Blossoms

The galaxy NGC 1156 resembles a delicate cherry blossom tree flowering in springtime in this Hubble image. The many bright "blooms" within the galaxy are in fact stellar nurseries — regions where new stars are springing to life.
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