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NASA’s TESS Shares First Science Image in Hunt to Find New Worlds

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, which began science operations in July, has released its first full frame image using all four of its cameras.

Hubble Uncovers Never-Before-Seen Features Around a Neutron Star

An unusual infrared light emission from a nearby neutron star detected by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope could indicate new features never before seen.

01S (South Indian Ocean)

The first tropical cyclone of the Southern Indian Ocean season, 01S, formed on Sept. 15 and was already fizzling two days later.

Typhoon Mangkhut Reaches Luzon

The super typhoon made landfall on the northernmost island in the Philippine archipelago.

NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Track Earth's Changing Ice

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) successfully launched from California at 9:02 a.m. EDT Saturday, embarking on its mission to measure the ice of Earth’s frozen reaches with unprecedented accuracy.

The Complex Evolution of Florence’s Winds

The hurricane is among the longest-lived cyclones of 2018, and the storm’s winds had plenty of time to rage and ease as they ran into different environmental conditions.

Update: Mangkhut (NW Pacific Ocean) 2018

Super Typhoon Mangkhut is a powerful tropical cyclone headed toward the northern Philippines. It is a Category 5 storm on the Saffir-Simpson hurricane wind scale.

Successful Launch Readiness Review for ICESat-2; Liftoff Saturday

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 a mission to measure the changing height of Earth’s ice, is scheduled to launch Saturday, Sept. 15, with a 40-minute window opening at 5:46 a.m. PDT.

GRACE-FO Satellite Switching to Backup Instrument Processing Unit

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment Follow-On (GRACE-FO) mission team plans to switch to a backup system in the Microwave Instrument (MWI) on one of the twin spacecraft this month.

Update 2: Florence (was Potential Tropical Cyclone 6) 2018

Hurricane Florence is expected to bring heavy wind and rain to large parts of the East Coast in the coming days. The federal government released recommendations for how to prepare and evacuate.

Florence Crossing Warm Waters on the Way to the Carolinas

Forecasters expect the major hurricane to get a boost of energy from the Gulf Stream.

Subtropical Storm Joyce (Atlantic Ocean) 2018

Subtropical Storm Joyce seemed dazed by its own formation, wandering in the north central Atlantic Ocean and disorganized.

Hubble Goes Wide to Seek Out Far-Flung Galaxies

A new Hubble observing campaign will boldly expand the space telescope's view into largely uncharted regions of the universe.

Help Make a Better World Land Map with NASA App

Starting this month, you can be part of a project to create more detailed satellite-based global maps of land cover by sharing photos of the world around you in a new NASA citizen science project.

Watery Heatwave Cooks the Gulf of Maine

Extreme water temperatures in 2018 fit with a much longer trend in the region, which is among the fastest-warming parts of the global ocean.

Staring Down Hurricane Florence

"Ever stared down the gaping eye of a category 4 hurricane? It's chilling, even from space," says European Space Agency astronaut Alexander Gerst (@Astro_Alex).

Barijat (NW Pacific Ocean)

NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over the Luzon Strait and captured a visible image of the latest tropical storm to form in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Beached Bergs in Alaska

Glaciers shed icebergs throughout summer, and the icy bodies collect at the beach.

Isaac (Atlantic Ocean) 2018

NASA’s Aqua satellite found a thick ring of powerful storms around Hurricane Isaac’s ragged eye and southwest of center on Sept. 10.

Helene (Eastern Atlantic Ocean) 2018

NASA sees an organized Hurricane Helene near Africa.

Paul (Eastern Pacific Ocean) 2018

Infrared imagery from NASA’s Aqua satellite showed that newly developed tropical storm Paul in the Eastern Pacific is dealing with wind shear.

Update: Olivia (Eastern Pacific) 2018

NASA’s Aqua satellite passed over Hurricane Olivia and found bands of thunderstorms wrapping around its eye and improved thunderstorm development over the southern quadrant of the storm.

Converting Savannahs into Soybeans

In Brazil, vast wild areas have been converted into farms, producing a major protein-packed cash crop but also endangering wildlife.

Trouble Brewing in the Atlantic

As three hurricanes churn, Florence has forecasters on edge.

Yet Another Fire in Northern California

The fast-moving Delta Fire is one of several that have cast a pall of smoke over the region this summer.
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