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AGN Seminar (Hybird)



Seeking Out Elusive Giants: Multiwavelength Searches for Dual AGNs in the Local Universe
Dr. Ryan Pfeifle (NPP Fellow, GSFC)

Theoretical studies predict that the most significant merger-induced growth of supermassive black holes occurs in late-stage mergers, coincides with the manifestation of dual active galactic nuclei (AGNs), and both major and minor mergers are expected to be important for dual AGN growth. This all suggests that dual AGNs are a natural but also critical growth stage in the evolution of SMBHs across the merger sequence. Yet, searches for dual AGNs (predominantly in the optical band) over the last several decades has returned relatively few confirmed cases. In this seminar, we will discuss our recent as well as ongoing efforts to identify and characterize dual AGNs using a variety of multiwavelength diagnostics. In the first section, we will briefly review common selection strategies for dual AGNs and our use of mid-IR selection, followed by a discussion of our recent NuSTAR observations of a small sample of mid-IR selected dual AGNs. In the second portion of the seminar, we will discuss our recent findings related to atmospheric seeing effects in Type 1/Type 1 dual AGNs candidates, where we will discuss the danger of spectroscopic fiber spillover when searching for dual AGNs. Finally, we will discuss the development of the first literature complete catalog of multi-AGN systems and emphasize that the future of dual AGN science relies upon a holistic, multiwavelength approach.

Date March 23, 2023
Start/End Time 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Location Microsoft Teams and B34, E215
Contact Anna Ogorzalek
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Event Type Seminars/Colloquia
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