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Special Seminar



Oh Thank Heaven for Oxygen VII - The X-ray View of Galactic Fueling and Feedback
Edmund Hodges-Kluck (Code 662)

Million-degree gas is essential to galaxy growth both as a source of fuel and an agent of feedback, and I will summarize recent progress in understanding fueling through characterizing galactic hot halos, which we find to be massive reservoirs of infall from the cosmic web through measurements of oxygen lines and the SZ effect. However, much remains uncertain because halos are very faint and the hot ISM is both faint and interspersed with brighter X-ray point sources. Future missions are needed to make breakthrough progress, and I will describe plans to use XRISM, Athena, and an Arcus-like mission to determine the masses of hot halos and the impact of outflows from star-forming galaxies by resolving OVII and other lines. Finally, I will motivate the need for high angular resolution with a Lynx or AXIS-like mission to understand how hot gas shapes galaxies in different environments and across cosmic time.

Date September 04, 2019
Start/End Time 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Location B34, W305
Event Type Seminars/Colloquia
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