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ASD Colloquium Series



Asteroseismology & Exoplanet Host Stars in the Era of Gaia & TESS
Dan Huber (IfA/Hawaii)

Asteroseismology - the study of stellar oscillations - is a powerful tool to probe the structure and evolution of stars. In addition to the large number of discovered exoplanets, space-based telescopes such as Kepler/K2 have revolutionized asteroseismology by detecting oscillations in thousands of stars from the main sequence to the red-giant branch. In this talk I will highlight recent discoveries in asteroseismology, focusing in particular on synergies with exoplanet science such as the precise measurement of planet compositions and the determination of dynamical architectures of planetary systems. I will also discuss the expected impact of Gaia on asteroseismology and exoplanet host stars, such as the comparison of asteroseismic radii with radii derived from Gaia parallaxes and the re-characterization of the entire Kepler target sample. Finally, I will discuss prospects and data analysis challenges for asteroseismology with TESS, which is expected to increase the asteroseismic yield by at least one order of magnitude compared to Kepler/K2.

ASD Colloquia are Tuesdays at 3:45 pm (Meet the Speaker at 3:30 pm) in Bldg 34, Room W150 unless otherwise noted.

Date March 27, 2018
Start/End Time 03:30 PM - 05:00 PM
Location B34, W150
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