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Therese Ann Kucera


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Phone: 301.286.0829
Org Code: 671
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Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Dr. Terry Kucera is an astrophysicist in NASA Goddard Space Flight Center's Solar Physics Laboratory. Her research interests center on the solar atmosphere, especially solar prominences and prominence cavities. She currently serves as STEREO Project Scientist and is a member of the Solar Orbiter science team working with the SPICE instrument.

Dr. Kucera came to NASA/Goddard after receiving her doctorate from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where she studied radio emissions from solar flares. She followed this with a post doctoral fellowship studying X-ray flare emissions. She joined the SOHO team as an operations scientist for the CDS and SUMER spectrometers in 1995 and eventually also served as US Deputy Project Scientist. She has also detailed at NASA Headquarters as the Solar Discipline Scientist and the Science Mission Directorate Education and Public Outreach Manager.

Research Interests

Current Projects

Heating of the Magnetically Closed Corona

Solar Active Regions

Magnetic Energy Buildup and Explosive Release in the Solar Atmosphere

Selected Publications


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