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Judith Karpen Named AAS 2022 Fellow

Photo of Judith Karpen Judith Karpen has been named a Fellow of the American Astronomical Society. She was honored for her sustained contributions to understanding the formation and dynamics of the solar corona and wind.

Karpen is a research astrophysicist and Chief of the Space Weather Laboratory in the Heliophysics Division. She received her Bachelors of Science in Physics (Honors) from the University of Michigan in 1973 and her PhD in Astronomy from University of Maryland in 1980, followed by a postdoctoral position with the Solar Physics Branch, Space Science Division, NRL. From October 1982 until September 1984, she was a staff scientist with Berkeley Research Associates, working at the Laboratory for Computational Physics, NRL. From October 1984 to July 2008 she was a research physicist in the Solar-Terrestrial Relationships Branch of the Space Science Division of the Naval Research Laboratory. She joined the Space Weather Laboratory in July 2008.

Her primary research interests include analytical and numerical modeling of dynamic solar and heliospheric phenomena, and applications of plasma physics and magnetohydrodynamics to solar and heliospheric activity. Her current research is focused on solar prominences, coronal mass ejections/eruptive flares, and magnetic reconnection.

Poster Blowout 2019 is in the books!

photo of people at the poster party

Photos from this year's Poster Blowout are available now. Congratulations to everyone, especially this year's winners!

Poster Blowout 2018

Note from the Director:
I would like to thank the Director’s Science Committee for putting on an amazingly successful event where scientists and engineers across Goddard shared their work and made new contacts. The interdisciplinary interactions were especially exciting and crossed all four science disciplines.

Click the title of this news item or the image below for more images from the poster party. scientists standing in front of a poster

Intern poster session Science award winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Science award winners from the intern poster session: Lucas Tax (660), Austin Kim (662), Evan Frangipane (674), Anna Voelker (674), Michael Greklek-McKeon (674), and Robert Spencer (613). Colleen Hartman, Director of the Sciences & Exploration Directorate, presented the awards on Thursday August 4.

Science Jamboree event photos

The 2016 Science Jamboree was a great success! A collection of 50 photos from the event are available now.

HSD Awardees

The Heliophysics Science Division is pleased to report the following HSD recipients of 2012 NASA Honor Awards:
  • Spiro Antiochos (674): Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
    James A. Klimchuk (671): Outstanding Leadership Medal
    Douglas E. Rowland (674): Early Career Achievement Medal
    SDO Science Investigation Team: NASA Group Achievement Award
  • Solar Storm Video

    A YouTube video describing the May 17 solar storm is now available . This storm is notable for producing the first Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) of energetic protons for the current Solar Cycle 24, which began in January 2008. The video production team included Rebekah Evans (674/NPP), Yihua Zheng (674), Carrie Black (674/NPP), and Leila Mays (670/NPP).

    Heliophysics NPP Wins Thesis Award

    Nicolas Aunai, a post-doctoral researcher in the Space Weather Laboratory received the René Pellat Award of the French Physics Society for his Ph.D. thesis on magnetic reconnection.

    Heliophysics Roadmap Co-Chair

    Larry Kepko will co-chair the Heliophysics Roadmap development along with Edward DeLuca (Harvard SAO). The Heliophysics Roadmap will take the recommendations of the Heliophysics Decadal Survey and recast them, as needed, to provide Heliophysics with an implementation plan that will be fed into the 2013 Science Plan for NASA's Science Mission Directorate.

    HSD Welcomes Jeffrey Klenzing

    The Heliophysics Science Division welcomes its newest civil servant, Dr. Jeffrey Klenzing. Dr. Klenzing earned a Ph.D. in physics at the University of Texas at Dallas. His dissertation, “Effects of non-ideal biased grids on drifting particle distribution functions,” examined the accuracy of retarding potential analyzers in determining ion temperatures and drift velocities in the Earth's ionosphere. After completing his degree, he came to Goddard as a postdoc to work with Doug Rowland (674) to develop spacecraft instrumentation, including a miniature gamma-ray detector for the Firefly CubeSat and Langmuir probes for multiple sounding rockets

    Goddard Judges at Prince George's Science Fair

    On Saturday, March 17, Rebekah Evans (674 NPP), Carrie Black (674 NPP), Sarah Jones (674), and Brian Dennis (671) served as volunteer judges in physics and astronomy for the 64th Annual Prince George’s Area Science Fair held at Prince George’s Community College in Largo, MD.

    University of North Dakota Students Visit Goddard

    Yihua Zheng (674) along with Holly Gilbert and Phil Chamberlin (both 671) met with a group of 20 students (undergraduate and graduate) from the University of North Dakota on March 13. The students got a tour of the CCMC and Space Weather Center and participated in informal presentations about solar physics and space weather.

    Hot Flow Anomalies at Venus

    A paper by Glyn Collinson (670/NPP), David Sibeck (674), and Tom Moore (670), “Hot Flow Anomalies at Venus,” describing a detailed case study of a hot flow anomaly at Venus was accepted for publication in Journal of Geophysical Research under the Heliophysics PAO feature.

    Proposals submitted by HSD members were accepted for SWARM mission.

    Guan Le's (674) proposal to ESA's call for Swarm Science and Validation Opportunity has been selected by ESA after peer review. She is now an official principal investigator for Swarm mission's science investigations. The title of the proposal is "A study of field-aligned currents using multi-point magnetic field measurements from Swarm". Peter Chi (674) is a co-Investigator of the proposal. Dieter Bilitza (672/ADNET) was also selected for the Swarm opportunity with his proposal, "Studying improvements of the International Reference Ionosphere (IRI) model with SWARM data." He is co-investigator on another accepted Validation proposal with Claudia Stolle (DTU, Denmark) as PI.

    A recent series of major solar flares and CME's were observed by SDO, SOHO, STEREO, and ACE.


    A series of major solar flares and coronal mass ejections were observed with the SDO, SOHO, STEREO, and ACE between 19 and 27 January. The CME that erupted on 19 January produced the strongest radiation storm since 2005, and the strongest geomagnetic storm since 2003. These space-weather events received considerable attention from news agencies worldwide, including the Washington Post, NBC News, USA Today, and the Hindustan Times. The press stories that often included dramatic images from scientific instrumentation on board these spacecraft. Goddard personnel were prominently featured in many reports, including Antti Pulkkinen (674) and Yihua Zheng (674) as representatives of the Space Weather Center, and Philip Chamberlin (671) for SDO.

    S Antiochos (674) gives invited presentation at the Solar Probe Plus Science Working Group

    Spiro Antiochos (674) gave an invited presentation "The S-Web Model for the Source of the Slow Wind" at the Solar Probe Plus Science Working Group meeting at APL on January 12.

    HSD members participate in the 6th CCMC Workshop.

    Several members of the Heliophysics Science Division, led by Director Michael Hesse (670), participated in the 6th CCMC (Community Coordinated Modeling Center) Workshop held in Key Largo, January 16-20. Lan Jian (672), among others, gave a talk, “1st-Year SHINE Project Report: Evaluation of Coronal and Heliospheric Models Installed at CCMC.”

    GSFC publication features stories on HSD missions and profile staff member.

    Latest edition of Goddard’s “Cutting Edge” publication features stories on the Space Weather Lab, FASTSAT, and a profile on Nick Paschalidis (670).

    Many HSD scientists will attend the 2011 Fall meeting of the AGU

    Many HSD scientists will attend the 2011 Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union next week in San Francisco. NASA will conduct a space weather workshop including HSD panelists Michael Hesse (674) and Antti Pulkkinen (674/CUA).

    NASA elects ASTRE Explorer Proposal as one of the Science Investigations For Concept Studies.

    Atmosphere-Space Transition Region Explorer (ASTRE) Robert Pfaff Jr., PI, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. -- The mission would study the interaction between the Earth's atmosphere and the ionized gases of space. By flying excursions deep into the Earth's upper atmosphere, its measurements would improve satellite drag models and show how space-induced currents in electric power grids originate and evolve with time.

    S. K. Antiochos presents talk at the 13th European Solar Physics Meeting.

    S. K. Antiochos presented the talk "The Mechanisms for CME Onset and Rapid Acceleration" at the 13th European Solar Physics Meeting in Rhodes, Greece

    D Rowland participates in ISE 2.0 pre-CDR review.

    Doug Rowland (674) participated in the ISE 2.0 pre-CDR review on September 8. ISE 2.0 is a suite of GSFC technologies, led by Tom Flatley (587), that includes SpaceCube 2.0, an ElectroHydroDynamics (EHD) experiment led by Jeff Didion (545), and FireStation, a suite of sensors for measuring space weather effects including energetic radiation produced by lightning (led by Rowland). ISE 2.0 is manifested for the Space Test Program STP-H4 pallet, to be installed on the International Space Station, and is scheduled for delivery to JSC in spring 2012 and launch in early 2013. Representatives from NASA/JSC, STP, and GSFC Code 500 participated in the review and gave useful comments and suggestions in preparation for the STP-H4 CDR in October. FireStation is making good progress, developed from the Firefly Cubesat flight spares, and its design is nearly complete, with fabrication beginning in October.

    M Hesse attends Steering Committee meeting of the NRC Decadal Survey of Heliophysics.

    Michael Hesse (674) attended a meeting of the Steering Committee of the NRC Decadal Survey of Heliophysics in Irvine on August 29-30. The study (“A Decadal Strategy for Solar and Space Physics”) will be released next year and will cover the period 2013-2022.

    S Antiochos presents invited talk at 8th International Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection.

    Spiro Antiochos (674) presented the invited talk, “Current sheet formation and magnetic reconnection in flares and CMEs,” at the 8th International Cambridge Workshop on Magnetic Reconnection at the University of New Hampshire.

    M Goldstein, G Lee, and M Saito present invited talks at ISPS.

    At the 2011 International Space Plasma Symposium (ISPS) held last week in Tainan, Taiwan, Melvyn Goldstein (673) presented an invited talk, “Observational Evidence of How Magnetofluid Turbulence in the Solar Wind Dissipates.” Guan Le and Miho Saito (both 674) presented invited talks at the same meeting, “Observations of a Unique Type of ULF Wave by the Low Latitude Space Technology 5 Mission” and “Growth Time of Storm-Time Substorms on April 5, 2010: Multi-Spacecraft Analysis.”

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