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The Moon to Mars Space Weather Analysis Office (M2M)

The Moon to Mars Space Weather Analysis Office (M2M)

The Moon to Mars (M2M) Space Weather Analysis Office was established to support NASA's Space Radiation Analysis Group (SRAG) with human space exploration activities by providing novel capabilities to characterize the space radiation environment. M2M also supports NASA robotic missions with space weather assessments and anomaly analysis support.

M2M space weather analysis activities originated from the Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) and will help with the transition of space weather models to analyze space radiation environment. The partnership between CCMC and M2M is to create an effective NASA in-house R2O2R pipeline for space radiation environment predictive capabilities in support of human missions beyond LEO. More information about CCMC is available here.

Some highlights of the SRAG/CCMC/M2M collaboration are as follows:
  • The Integrated Solar Energetic Proton Alert/Warning System (ISEP) project is a partnership between CCMC and SRAG that began in 2018 to transition research Solar Energetic Particle models to operations. The project aimed to identify, transition, and evaluate new models (R2O), to develop software tailored for SRAG.
  • CCMC transitions ISEP models/software to the CCMC-SRAG-M2M shared environment. M2M staff then transitions the model/software from the shared environment and maintains them within the M2M environment, serving SRAG as secondary expert support.
  • The M2M team populates CCMC's DONKI and CME Scoreboard during their real-time analysis of space weather conditions, and sends real-time simulation results to CCMC's iSWA.
  • SRAG, CCMC, and M2M partner together on model validation. After a space weather event, M2M, in conjunction with SRAG and CCMC, runs an evaluation of the model output to include any forecast delays and the reasons for them.

Mission Statement: The Moon to Mars (M2M) Space Weather Analysis Office conducts real-time space weather assessments to support the development and validation of new capabilities for understanding space weather impacts on NASA robotic missions and human exploration activities.

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