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SWL Education and Public Outreach

SWL Education and Public Outreach

CCMC/SWRC launched a novel Space Weather Research, Education and Development Initiative (REDI) 2013. The new initiative brings a new generation of space weather instruction to educational institutes nationwide. The next generation hands-on training incorporates modern space weather observations and state-of-the-art space weather modeling and forecasting - from three-dimensional analysis of observed coronal mass ejections to modeling of the geomagnetic induction in the upper mantle of the Earth. The training also provides in-depth understanding on how various technologies are impacted by space weather - from single event upsets caused by solar energetic protons to increased corrosion of oil pipelines caused by geomagnetically induced currents.

First REDI Summer Boot Camp

The first REDI summer space weather bootcamp took place June 3-14, 2013.

As a part of REDI, SWRC has trained now five undergraduate students to carry out space weather forecasting in support operational SWRC activities. The students perform routine SWRC forecasting duties throughout the academic year.

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