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NASA's Aqua Satellite Captures Burn Scars From Substation Fire

The Substation Fire started on private land southeast of The Dalles, Oregon on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 and grew quickly moving more than 18 miles in the first period of burning.

Ferguson Fire Jumps to Near 23K Acres in Size

The Ferguson Fire which ominously began on Friday, July 13, 2018, is now a week old and has grown to 22,812 acres in size with only 7% containment.

Lake Christine Fire in Colorado Continues to Grow

The Lake Christine Fire grew to 8,315 acres as of Friday morning. Fire behavior was active on Thursday, with fire growth primarily occurring on top of Basalt Mountain.

From Russia with Aerosols

Unusually intense fires in Russia sent smoke half-way around the world.

Dozens of Wildfires Started in Oregon After Spate of Lightning Strikes

Thunderstorms over the weekend of July 14-15 brought thousands of lightning strikes to the state of Oregon. From those strikes over150 wildfires started.

Smoke from Ferguson Fire Obscures Much of California

The Ferguson fire that is closing in on its first week may get some much needed help from Mother Nature today in the form of rainstorms to the area.

Ampil (Northwestern Pacific Ocean)

When NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Northwestern Pacific Ocean on July 19, the large Tropical Storm Ampil appeared much more organized than it did the previous day.

Substation Fire in Oregon Began Two Days Ago Now at 50K Acres

The Substation Fire in Oregon which began just last Tuesday is located southeast of The Dalles area in the north area of the state.

The Water is Wider

A new map of the world’s rivers and their widths shows that surface waterways are collectively wider and cover more area than previously thought.

Global Study of World’s Beaches Shows Threat to Protected Areas

A first-of-its-kind survey of the world’s sandy shorelines with satellite data found that they have increased on a global scale over the past three decades but decreased in protected marine areas.

Ferguson Fire Continues to Increase in Size

The Ferguson fire was quiet overnight but it appears that does not apply to the amount of smoke coming off the fire.

Cape Town’s Reservoirs Rebound

After nearly running out of water in early 2018, the city’s reservoirs are being replenished by rain, conservation efforts, and engineering fixes.

Ferocious Ferguson Fire in California Threatens Mariposa--Again

The Ferguson Fire today is inching closer to Mariposa and residents are once again on the brink of evacuation.

A Scientist's Final Paper Looks Toward Earth's Future Climate

A final, posthumous paper from a Goddard scientist and former astronaut reveals new understanding about Earth's climate.

Son-Tinh (was 11W - Northwestern Pacific Ocean)

As Tropical Depression 11W was strengthening into Tropical Storm Son-tinh near the northern Philippines, the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite analyzed its rainfall.

India's Deadly Monsoon Rainfall Measured With NASA's IMERG

This year's monsoon has been assessed as average but India's Meteorological Department statistics show that daily mean rainfall for the country has recently been above normal.

June 2018 Ties for Third Warmest June on Record

June 2018 continued the warming trend of the past 40 years.

One Year Adrift, but Not Far

In July 2017, a huge iceberg dramatically broke away from the Larsen C Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. But the aftermath has been a bit more drawn-out, as the berg hasn’t moved very far.

Churning in the Chukchi Sea

Regardless of the amount of winter ice cover, the waters off of the Alaskan coast usually come alive each spring with blooms of phytoplankton.

Fires in a Dry, Hot Colorado Summer

Dry, hot conditions in Colorado helped lead to the state’s third-largest wildfire in history.

Hail Cuts Swaths of Damage Across South Dakota

When thunderstorms drive hail and strong winds over crops and grasslands, they can draw long scars across the landscape.

NASA Surveys Hurricane Damage to Puerto Rico’s Forests

Hurricane Maria barreled across Puerto Rico with winds of up to 155 miles per hour and battering rain that flooded towns, knocked out communications networks and destroyed the power grid.

Fires in Russia's Siberian Area Send Smoke to U.S.

The Worldview App shows that extensive fires are plaguing a large portion of Siberia in Russia. Those fires created huge plumes of smoke that traveled air streams into Canada and the United States.

Martin Fire in Nevada Is 57 Miles Long

The Martin fire is 57 miles long and 31 miles wide--a total of 439, 230 acres.

Severe Rainfall and Flooding in Japan

After being soaked in just a few days with double the amount of rain that falls in a normal July, parts of Japan are facing their worst flooding disaster in 35 years.
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