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Ronnie Abolafia-Rosenzweig Studies the Water Cycle

Ronnie Abolafia-Rosenzweig is a NASA summer intern whose interests lie in the water cycle perhaps due to his childhood living near a river.

Tapah – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

Tropical Storm Tapah formed quickly in the northwestern Pacific Ocean.

Drought Reveals Lost “Spanish Stonehenge”

The Dolmen de Guadalperal resurfaced after five decades underwater.

Jerry – North Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Storm Jerry is the latest in a line of tropical cyclones to develop in the North Atlantic Ocean this season.

Mario – Eastern Pacific Ocean

When the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite passed over the Eastern Pacific Ocean, it flew over the eastern side of Tropical Storm Mario and measured rainfall.

Smoke Blankets Borneo

Fires burning in peat deposits in Indonesia release gases and particles that have consequences for public health and the climate.

Imelda – Eastern Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Terra satellite passed over the western Gulf of Mexico during the early afternoon of Sept. 17 and captured a visible image of the newly formed Tropical Depression 11.

Lorena – Eastern Pacific Ocean

The Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite provided information about the rate in which rain was falling within the Eastern Pacific Ocean’s tropical storm.

California's Walker Fire Nearly Contained

California's Walker Fire located southwest of Honey Lake and near the Nevada border is 96 percent contained.

A Bloom of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria

An important player in the nitrogen cycle, Trichodesmium makes a seasonal appearance off the northeast coast of Australia.

Peipah – Northwestern Pacific Ocean

NASA’s Terra satellite passed over the northwestern Pacific Ocean and provided a final view of Tropical Depression Peipah.

Drought Exacerbates Australian Fires

Several years of dry conditions have set the stage for a fierce fire season in several southeastern states.

NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP Tracks Fire and Smoke from Two Continents

On Sept. 13, 2019, data from NASA/NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite's OMPS instrument revealed aerosols and smoke from fires over both South America and North America.

Dangerous Fires in Australia's New South Wales State Continue

NASA's Aqua satellite passed over the Australian state of New South Wales on September 12, 2019 and observed a huge swath of fires up and down the coast.

California's Walker Fire Continues to Grow Within Plumas National Forest

California's Walker Fire, located about 11 miles east of Taylorsville, California, continues to grow within the Plumas National Forest.

Kiko – Eastern Pacific Ocean

Kiko developed on Sept. 11 as Tropical Depression 13E and strengthened into a tropical storm by 5 p.m. EDT. Once it attained tropical storm status, it was named Kiko.

Humberto – Atlantic Ocean

As the Bahamas continue to recover from Category 5 hurricane Dorian, a new developing tropical cyclone is bringing additional rainfall to an already soaked area.

Marine Heat Wave Returns to the Northeast Pacific

The warm surface water this summer was caused by an unusual and persistent weather pattern.

Indonesia's Bangka-Belitung Islands and Kalimantan On Fire

Heavy smoke hangs over the Indonesian islands of Bangka and Belitung as well as Kalimantan.

Floods Swamp Sudan

After a wet August, floodwaters inundated villages, pastures, and croplands.

Malaspina on the Move

More than 30 years of ice velocity data are helping scientists tease out how mountain glaciers respond to climate change.

Satellite Data Record Shows Climate Change's Impact on Fires

While every fire needs a spark to ignite and fuel to burn, it's the hot and dry conditions in the atmosphere that determine the likelihood of a fire starting, its intensity and the speed at which it spreads. Over the past several decades, as the world has increasingly warmed, so has its potential to burn.

California's Walker Fire Spotted by NASA/NOAA Suomi NPP Satellite

California's Walker Fire, located within the Plumas National Forest about 11 miles east of the community of Taylorsville, California, has been burning since Sep. 04, 2019.

In the Wake of Hurricane Dorian

The storm left a path of destruction from the Caribbean to the Canadian Maritimes.

Circling the Serengeti

These African plains host the largest natural animal migration in the world.
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