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NASA Press Events at 2022 Fall AGU Meeting

NASA researchers will be presenting findings on Earth and space sciences Dec.12-16 at the American Geophysical Union's 2022 Fall meeting, being held virtually and in Chicago this year.

La Niña Times Three

Three consecutive years of La Niña conditions in the eastern Pacific Ocean make this a rare “triple dip” ev

NASA Scientists Map Global Salt Marsh Losses and Their Carbon Impact

Earth has lost 561 square miles of salt marshes over the past 20 years, according to a new NASA-led study of the first consistent global accounting of salt marsh locations and changes.

Orion Views Earth from Afar

Fifty years after Apollo 17 astronauts photographed the iconic “blue marble” image, cameras in space have again captured distant views of our home planet.

A Burst of Activity at Mount Semeru

Intense explosions at the summit sent avalanches of ash and mud racing down the southeastern flank of the Indonesian volcano.

NASA to Discuss Climate Research, Mitigation Efforts

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson will discuss the agency’s climate portfolio at 11 a.m. EST on Thursday, Dec. 8 from NASA Headquarters in Washington.

Larger Wheat Harvest in Ukraine Than Expected

A satellite-based analysis indicates that nearly 27 million tons of wheat were harvested from the country’s farms this year, but Ukraine won’t reap all of the benefits.

Breathing Life into the Ocean

Almost all life in the ocean depends on tiny photosynthetic organisms known as phytoplankton.

NASA Delivers First Flight Hardware to ESA for Lunar Pathfinder

NASA delivered the first flight hardware for the Lunar Pathfinder mission to ESA (European Space Agency), which formally accepted the instrument on Nov. 4. NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, developed the instrument, a laser retroreflector array, which will test new navigation techniques for lunar missions.

Fires in Northwest Argentina

Forests are burning after being primed by warm temperatures and a lack of rain.

NASA Researcher’s AI ‘Eye’ Could Help Robotic Data-Gathering

Existing artificial intelligence and machine learning tech doesn’t come close to measuring up to human skill. That’s why NASA scientist John Moisan is developing an AI “eye.”

Mauna Loa Awakens

During the first eruption in nearly four decades, satellites observed the volcano’s nighttime glow and sulfur dioxide plume.

NASA Responds to Independent Review of Earth System Observatory

NASA shared a response Wednesday on an independent review board established to assess plans and goals for the next generation of Earth-observing satellites: NASA’s Earth System Observatory, a cutting edge suite of spacecraft that will forward understanding of our changing planet.

Spandan Das: Self-Taught Machine Learning Intern, NCCS User, College Student, and Published Author

In two NASA summer internships, Carnegie Mellon University computer science major Spandan Das has harnessed NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) compute power to build, train, and test machine learning models to help NASA develop new ways to detect Earth's precipitation.

Phytoplankton May Be Abundant Under Antarctic Sea Ice, Study Suggests

A decade ago, scientists on a NASA-sponsored ocean expedition found massive populations of phytoplankton blooming beneath sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. Now scientists using underwater instruments and a NASA satellite have found evidence of potentially significant blooms beneath the sea ice encircling Antarctica.

A Line of Ash from Sangay

An ongoing eruption blankets cities and farmland near the volcano with layers of ash.

From Patches to Pies, Illinois Knows Pumpk

Much of the canned pumpkin that ends up in Thanksgiving pies and soups came from Central Illinois.

Cranberry Bogs in Plymouth County

Massachusetts has a long-standing relationship with one of Thanksgiving’s iconic foods—the cranberry.

NASA Awards Launch Services Task Order for TROPICS CubeSats Mission

NASA has selected Rocket Lab USA Inc. of Long Beach, California, to provide the launch service for the agency’s Time-Resolved Observations of Precipitation Structure and Storm Intensity with a Constellation of Smallsats (TROPICS) mission, as part of the agency's Venture-class Acquisition of Dedicated and Rideshare (VADR) launch services contract.

Dusty Copper River Delta

Plumes from this part of Alaska happen in autumn when winds are strong, water levels are low, and snow has not yet blanketed the floodplain.

NASA Satellite Precipitation Data Joins the Air Force

For the first time, the Air Force meteorology unit has integrated the Integrated Multi-satellite Retrievals for GPM (IMERG) algorithm into its operational weather forecasts and advisories.

5 Ways Supercomputing is Key to NASA Mission Success

Whether developing new technologies for landing on other planets, improving air travel here at home, or more realistically simulating global weather and climate, supercomputing is key to the success of NASA missions. These advances and more were on display in the agency’s hybrid exhibit during SC22.

More Flooding in Australia’s Soggy Southeast

After an extremely wet October, storms in November 2022 have added to ongoing flooding across New South Wales and Victoria.

NOAA’s GOES-U Completes Thermal Vacuum Testing

NOAA’s GOES-U, the final satellite in the GOES-R Series of advanced geostationary environmental satellites, recently completed thermal vacuum (TVAC) testing as part of a rigorous assessment program to ensure the satellite can withstand the harsh conditions of launch and orbiting 22,236 miles above Earth’s equator.

Carbonate Swirls Spin from the Bahamas

Hurricane Nicole turned the shallow waters along the Abaco Islands into an eddy factory.

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