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Poulter Interviewed by BBC Radio

Ben Poulter (618) was interviewed by the BBC Radio program “The Climate Question” for their episode “Have we planted too much faith in trees?”

Earth Matters Blog: A Checkup for Carbon

Every year, a group of scientists affiliated with the Global Carbon Project give Earth something like an annual checkup. Among the key questions they address: how much carbon is stored in the atmosphere, the ocean, and the land? And how much of that carbon has moved from one reservoir to another through fossil fuel burning, deforestation, reforestation, and uptake by the ocean each year?

Masek Discusses Landsat on PBS Podcast

Jeffrey Masek (618) discussed satellite technologies and the Landsat Program on the PBS podcast “NovaNow.” The episode is titled “How the future of satellites might affect life on Earth” and also features Dr. Danielle Wood (MIT), who was formerly of NASA Goddard.
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The Biospheric Sciences Laboratory studies terrestrial ecosystems and their interactions with the atmosphere using multiscale remote sensing, mathematical modeling, and advanced analytical techniques. This research allows Laboratory scientists to characterize and predict environmental changes due to natural and anthropogenic processes at local to global scales.

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