Goddard Applied Sciences Seminar Series

Leveraging the ArcGIS Platform to support scientific data analysis and effective decision-making

4.16.18 @ 3pm, 33:H114

3:45pm - ask-me-anything session

Working with diverse earth science data to extract information and perform analysis sometimes can be challenging due to its diversity, complexity and large volume. In this exploratory and interactive seminar, the speakers will provide highlights of ArcGIS platform and its diverse capabilities and solutions that you can relate to and will share some of the tools and web applications that will help you to collect, manage, analyze and share your information product to your community and users. They will also demonstrate a few real-world examples of successful application of open earth science data in ArcGIS Platform and how you can quickly develop web map applications. Some of these will demonstrate how collections of petabytes of data can be shared in near real-time from both stored on-premise or on the cloud data collections. Also demonstrated will be how earth observation imagery services can support dynamic on-the-fly processing to support visualization and analytical inputs in python processes used in cognitive computing.

Sudhir Shrestha & Tripp Corbett, ESRI

Vector-borne disease and climate variability

5.21.18 @ 3pm, 33:H114

Coming soon...

Dr. Assaf Anyamba

Introduction to economics and the VALUABLES consortium

6.18.18 @ 3pm, 33:H114

Coming soon...

Yusuke Kuwayama & Bethany Mabee, Resources for the Future

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Goddard Applied Sciences brings together Goddard's vast Earth Science resources for societal benefit. Goddard Applied Sciences coordinates projects funded by a variety of NASA programs and missions, connects NASA researchers with end users, supports interagency activities, and develops external partnerships. Activities span the range of the Earth Sciences; current working groups include air quality, climate, water and natural disaster-related applications.

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