Disasters Working Group

Recent Highlights

Tracking Air Pollution from Sulfur Fires in Iraq
NASA's TOMS and OMI instruments track toxic SO2 emissions from a sulfur plant near Mosul, Iraq.

VIIRS Detects Puerto Rico Power Outage
NASA's Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) detects a widespread power outage in Puerto Rico, September 21st-22nd.

Please contact Dalia Kirschbaum, Miguel Roman or Margaret Hurwitz for disaster working group meeting notes and presentations.

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Goddard Applied Sciences brings together Goddard's vast Earth Science resources for societal benefit. Goddard Applied Sciences coordinates projects funded by a variety of NASA programs and missions, connects NASA researchers with end users, supports interagency activities, and develops external partnerships. Activities span the range of the Earth Sciences; current working groups include air quality, climate, water and natural disaster-related applications.

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