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External Support

GCDC staff fill leadership roles in support of projects and systems external to the GCDC. These roles include overall project management, operational project management, web design and applications development, and data policy development. Current support efforts include the following:

  • Lead the GMAO Production Group and support overall GEOS-related project planning with responsibilities including data production and data services operations, production system configuration and maintenance and external interfaces for user requirements, data acquisition and dissemination.
    Point-of-contact: Dr. Gi-Kong Kim, Production Group Lead
  • Ensure that the GOES-R Ground Segment development is consistent with the standards and best practices as established by GEO through its Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) and by the USGEO contributions to GEOSS via the Integrated Earth Observation System (IEOS); represent GOES-R Ground Segment Project to GEO and USGEO; and serve on a number of groups including the USGEO Architecture and Data Management (ADM) group, the GEO Science and Technology Committee (STC), and the GEO User Interface and Architecture and Data Committees. Support the formulation of NASA’s strategic approach to USGEO and GEO.
    Point-of-Contact: Ms. Kathy Fontaine
  • As part of a two year detail assignment to HQ, serve as program officer to ACCESS serve as observer on the Interagency Working Group on Digital Data (IWGDD) Subgroup on Policy; serve as data systems POC for the Ice Bridge represent HQ with groups responsible for evolving EOSDIS in support of the Decadal Survey missions and beyond; and support NASA interests in the ESIP Federation, IDN/CEOS, Open Geospatial Consortium.
    Point-of-contact: Mr. Stephen Berrick
  • Chair the SED Web Council, with responsibility for re-architecting and redesigning the SED web presence and represent the SED web interests to other Center and NASA activities, such as the Code 400 Mission Pages re-architecture project, and the Integrated EPO Strategy Team. Seek out and take advantage of other Center and NASA activities which have the potential to increase the quality of the SED web content and/or make maintenance of web pages easier. Lead Development effort to implement the SED Line Organization Web Site Design and Architecture which was developed by the Web Council, and support the SED Web Editor-in-Chief as needed in working with SED Web Curators to convert and integrate all existing SED Line Organization sites into the new design & architecture.
    Point-of-contact: Ms. Catherine Corlan


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