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Code 603 Business Management Officers

The Business Management Officers lead co-located teams of resources analysts who support laboratories, offices, and divisions across the Sciences and Exploration Directorate. They provide business support ranging from day-to-day budget execution, workforce planning, and budget development. They also provide advice and guidance to senior managers on all aspects of resources management.

For questions or assistance pertaining to one of our organizations or functional areas, please contact the appropriate person from the list below.

  • Science Proposal Support Office (605)
Debbie Chipouras, Proposal Business Manager

  • CISTO: Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office (606)
Tonya Crytser, Business Management Officer

  • Earth Sciences Division (610)
Debora Boyer, Associate for Earth Science

  • GMAO: Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (610.1)
Deanna Adamczyk, Business Management Officer

  • Global Change Data Center (610.2)
Tonya Crytser, Business Management Officer

  • GISS: Goddard Institute for Space Studies (611)
Tonya Crytser, Business Management Officer

  • Atmospheres (612, 613, 614, 610.W)
Deanna Adamczyk, Business Management Officer

  • Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences (615, 616, 617, 618, 619)
Christine Baxley, Business Management Officer

  • Astrophysics Science Division (660)
Suzette Kempler, Business Management Officer

  • Heliophysics Science Division (670)
Pat Smith, Business Management Officer

  • Solar System Exploration Division (690)
Gina Baldessari, Business Management Officer

Sciences and Exploration Directorate (SED) Senior Resources Analyst

  • Operating Account
  • IRAD: Internal Research and Development program
  • Technical Equipment
  • Investment funds
  • CM&O: Center Management and Operations
Tom Wolking

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The Administration and Resources Management Office provides support to the Directorate's Divisions and Offices to plan and execute their budgets in accordance with Agency and Center policies and procedures. The Office provides monitoring, analysis, and reporting across the full breadth of the Directorate's financial and workforce resources. The Office trains and manages the co-located Resource Analysts who work within the various Offices and Divisions to implement effective and efficient use of resources. It also provides proposal support to NASA research announcements and business support to procurement efforts.

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Lisa Kelleher
Chief [603]
Kelly L Pecnick
Deputy Chief [603]
Debora E Boyer
Associate for Earth Science [603]
Cheryl-Ann C Barrington
Associate for Space Science [603]
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