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NASA’s Operation IceBridge Completes Twin Polar Campaigns

NASA’s Operation IceBridge, an airborne survey of polar ice, recently finalized two overlapping campaigns at both of Earth’s poles.

Record First Snowfall in the U.S. Midwest

For an area that is quite familiar with snow, it was still a storm for the history books in parts of the Midwest, with a few records set for the highest snowfall totals for a first snow of the year

NASA Study Suggests Carbon Content of Temperate Forests Overestimated

Digital measurements of millions of trees indicate that previous studies likely overestimate the amount of carbon stored by temperate U.S. forests, according to a new NASA study.

Sandra (Eastern Pacific)

During the early morning of Nov. 24, Tropical Storm Sandra became the 18th named storm of the 2015 Eastern Pacific hurricane season.

Springtime in the South Atlantic

The springtime phytoplankton communities shown in this image were spotted between the Falkland Islands to the west and South Georgia Island to the east.

Annabelle - Southern Indian Ocean

Tropical Storm Annabelle formed early on Nov. 21 in the Southern Indian Ocean, strengthened briefly and began a weakening trend on Nov. 23.

NASA's Next Ozone Layer Instrument Arrives at Launch Site

A NASA instrument to monitor aerosols, the ozone layer, and other gases in our atmosphere from space arrived Friday, Nov. 20 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Flooding in Iraq

In late October 2015, a weather system brought torrential rains to many parts of Iraq, Iran, and other parts of the Middle East.

Southwest Australia Bushfires

Of the several bushfires in southwestern Australia that were captured in this Suomi NPP satellite image taken only one is a potential threat to lives and homes.

Hubble Views a Young Elliptical Galaxy

At the center of this amazing Hubble image is the elliptical galaxy NGC 3610. Surrounding the galaxy are a wealth of other galaxies of all shapes.

2015 and 1997 El Niños: Déjà vu, or Something New?

If you live anywhere El Niño has important impacts, you've heard forecasters say this year's event looks just like the monster El Niño of 1997-98.

Five-Year NASA Study to Look at the Immense Influence of Petite Plankton

Plankton: They're the tiniest of sea creatures, the bottom of the ocean's food chain. But when those pee-wees of the sea multiply, they can, collectively, have an enormous impact on the planet.

Early Winter Weather Across North America

Parts of Canada and the western United States were doused with wintery weather in mid-November 2015.

James Webb Space Telescope Structure Poised for Mirror Assembly

Inside the massive clean room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center the James Webb Space Telescope's telescope structure was lifted and lowered by crane onto the bright yellow optical assembly stand.

Rick (was 21E) - Eastern Pacific Ocean

NOAA's GOES-West satellite provided images of the birth of the latest tropical depression in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Tropical Depression 21E formed well southwest of the Coast of Mexico.

Stubble Burning in Punjab, India

In November, after the harvest, farmers often set fire to leftover plant debris to clear fields for the next plantings, a practice known as stubble or paddy burning.

Gains at Hofsjökull Ice Cap

Winter storms can blanket Iceland almost entirely with snow. The relative warmth of summer and fall, however, exposes a spectacular, varied landscape.

97B - North Indian Ocean

During the past week extreme rainfall from two slow moving tropical low pressure areas caused severe flooding in southeastern India.

In-fa (was 27W) - Northwestern Pacific Ocean

NASAsSees In-fa become a typhoon near Micronesia.

Is That a Forest? That Depends on How You Define It

After comparing eight satellite-derived global maps, researchers found that measurements of forest cover vary widely—as much as 6 percent of Earth’s land area, or the equivalent area of China.

James Webb Space Telescope 'Wings' Successfully Deployed

Recently inside the clean room at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, engineers successfully completed two deployments for the James Webb Space Telescope's "wings".

Fog Over Europe

In early November 2015, dense fog disrupted air travel in London and central Europe.

Flooding in Brazil After Dam Breach

On November 5, 2015, two dams collapsed in southeastern Brazil, sending a torrent of mining sludge through the village of Bento Rodrigues.

NASA Experts Share Importance of Supercomputing at Annual Conference

Scientists and engineers from NASA and across the U.S. will present their latest computational achievements at SC15, the international supercomputing conference, Nov. 16-19, in Austin, Texas.

NASA's RapidScat Sees OLYMPEX Winds

A low pressure system in the Pacific Ocean has moved far enough eastward that it is bringing rain and strong winds to the Pacific Northwest where the OLYMPEX field campaign is under way.
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