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Robert H. Goddard Award – Technician


Recipients:Cuernavaca-X Team (691)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Mentoring


Recipients:Nathan Roth (691)

NASA Honor Award - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Medal


Recipients:Danna Qasim (691)

AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Prize


Recipients:Reggie L. Hudson (691)

Reggie Hudson awarded the AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Prize in recognition of his contributions to the understanding of the chemistry of ices in the interstellar medium and in the Solar System.

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)


Recipients:Danna Qasim (691), Stefanie N Milam (691)

DEIA Awards went to Individuals, members of the Code 600 DEIA Advisory Council, and NASA CONNECTORS (CONNECting high school students TO ResearcherS Mentorship Program). Congratulations!

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science


Recipients:Consortium for Hayabusa2 Analysis of Organic Solubles (691)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal


Recipients:Amy Catherine Mcadam (699), Stefanie N Milam (691)

Robert H. Goddard Award – Science


Recipients:José C. Aponte (691), Giuliano Liuzzi (693), Adam McKay (693)

GSFC Honor Award - Science


Recipients:Scott David Guzewich (699), Ann M Parsons (691)

SSED Peer Award


Recipients:Veronica Amber Allen (691), Carrie Anderson (691), Giada Nicole Arney (she/her) (693), Jamie Elsila Cook (691), Marley Fleishman (she/her) (690), Jacob A. Richardson (698), Jessica Lynn Still (695), Geronimo Villanueva (he/his) (693), Molly L Wasser (690)

Congratulations to the 2019 SSED Peer Award Winners: Veronica Allen, Carrie Anderson, Giada Arney, Jamie Cook, Marley Fleishman, Barry Coyle, Lisa Kelly, Jacob Richardson, Jessica Still, Geronimo Villanueava, Molly Wasser, Nafisatu Zubairu

SSED Peer Award


Recipients:José C. Aponte (691), Michael Kenneth Barker (698), Jared R Espley (695), Frank T Ferguson (691), Andrej Grubisic (699)

Congratulations to the 2016 SSED Peer Award winners: José Aponte, Michael Barker, Jared Espley, Frank Ferguson, Andrej Grubisic, Christopher Johnson, Christa Kronser, Frank Lemoine, Bryant Loomis, Chopo Ma, Pat Michael, Veronica Pinnick

GSFC Honor Award - Science


Recipients:Stefanie N Milam (691), Avi M Mandell (693), Michael Doyle Smith (693), Caroline Freissinet (699)

GSFC Honor Award - Science


Recipients:Jamie Elsila Cook (691), Martin Andrew Cordiner (691), Terry Anthony Hurford (693)

NASA Honor Award - Group Achievement Award


Recipients:John W Keller (691)

GSFC Honor Award - Science


Recipients:Jamie Elsila Cook (691), Martin Andrew Cordiner (691), Terry Anthony Hurford (693)

NASA Honor Award - Exceptional Public Service Medal


Recipients:Mildred G Martin (691)

GSFC Honor Award - Professional Administrative


Recipients:Theresa A Wirth (690), Falvia M Coleman (691)

GSFC Honor Award - Leadership


Recipients:John W Keller (691), Dennis C Reuter (693)

GSFC Honor Award - Outreach Team


Recipients:The Development Team for the LRO Exhibit at the GSFC Visitor Center

For outstanding accomplishments in the development of the LRO exhibit for the GSFC Visitor Center

SSED Peer Award


Recipients:William M Farrell (695), Lora Varley Bleacher (690), Rita Clark (691), Nicolas Jean Philippe Gorius (693), Ferzan Jaeger (699), Patricia J Lawton (695)

NASA Honor Award - Outstanding Leadership Medal


Recipients:Jason P Dworkin (691)

For outstanding leadership of the OSIRIS-REx mission, the Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory, and the Astrochemistry Laboratory.

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Achievement Medal


Recipients:Michael P Callahan (691)

For outstanding contributions to the analysis of extraterrestrial nucleobases in carbonaceous chondrites, which settled a 50 year old debate on their origin

NASA Honor Award - Early Career Achievement Medal


Recipients:Jamie Elsila Cook (691)

For the first discovery of a cometary amino acid.

GSFC Honor Award - Science


Recipients:Michael P Callahan (691), Conor Andrew Nixon (693), Gregory A Neumann (698), Planetary Geochemical Instrumentation Team (691)