Astrochemistry Laboratory (691) Recent Awards & Honors

AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Prize

Jan, 2023
Recipient: Reggie L. Hudson (691)
Reggie Hudson awarded the AAS Laboratory Astrophysics Prize in recognition of his contributions to the understanding of the chemistry of ices in the interstellar medium and in the Solar System.

NASA Honor Award - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility Medal

Recipients: Danna Qasim Show all Recipients , Rita M Sambruna (she/her/hers) (660)

Excellence in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA)

Recipients: Danna Qasim (691), Stefanie N Milam (691) Show all Recipients , Andrea M Molod (610.1), Alicia R Jose (660), Elisa V Quintana (667), Trena M Ferrell (610), Jennifer J Wiseman (660), D Kazanas (663), William C Danchi (660), Casey Lauren Chalmers (660), Gioia Rau (667), Ronald S Gamble (660), EDWARD Victor GONZALES (He,Him) (670), Elizabeth Ann Apala (660), Dayna Jamison (660)
DEIA Awards went to Individuals, members of the Code 600 DEIA Advisory Council, and NASA CONNECTORS (CONNECting high school students TO ResearcherS Mentorship Program). Congratulations!
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