Planetary Magnetospheres Laboratory (695) How to Nominate

SED Awards and Nomination Instructions

SED Prize & Awards Committees

GSFC Awards and Nomination Instructions

Goddard Awards

NASA Awards and Nomination Instructions

NASA-wide Awards

National Awards and Nomination Instructions

External Awards and Prizes

International Awards and Nomination Instructions

Royal Astronomical Society prizes:

Various Sponsors:

Division Awards and Nomination Instructions

Earth Sciences (610)

No Division-level awards programs. See Lab-level awards.

Astrophysics (660)

Annual Peer Awards
Announcements are sent out to staff via email in May. Awardees from previous two years are ineligible. Send nominations to

Heliophysics (670)

Annual Peer Awards
Announcements are sent out to staff via email in late spring or early summer. Contact Mike Horn for more information.

Solar System (690)

Annual Peer Awards
Nominations normally due in June or July with awards in September.
Peer Award Nomination form (internal only)

Laboratory Awards and Nomination Instructions

Laboratory awards given in 610 only.

GMAO (610.1)

Peer awards for contractor/university personnel.

GISS (611)

Yearly nominations solicited for most popular journal publication and best publilc science.
No formal peer award program, though occasionally given.

Atmospheres Group (610.W, 612, 613, 614)

Peer awards for contractor/university personnel. Award categories:

  • Best Senior Author Publication
  • Outstanding Performance
    • Science
    • Engineering
    • Technical Support
    • Instrumentation
    • IT Security
    • Software Development
    • Administrative Support

Climate and Radiation Laboratory (613)

Annual peer awards at the beginning of the calendar year. Award categories:

  • Best first-authored paper
  • Scientific Leadership Award
  • Outstanding technical or science support/achievement
  • Outstanding Administrative Support
  • Special Award for an act of exceptional merit, beyond the call of duty

Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences (615-619)

Annual awards ceremony in the summer. Award categories:

  • Scientific Achievement - (civil servants and contractors)
  • Scientific, Technical, or Outreach support (civil servants and contractors)
  • Administrative Business Support - (civil servants and contractors)
  • Career Achievement (Civil Servants)
  • Outstanding Publication

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