Sciences and Exploration Directorate
Sciences and Exploration Directorate - NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Sciences & Exploration Directorate Prize Committees: Common Charter

To help GSFC SED Divisions' civil servant and contract personnel and staff obtain the recognition of their achievements from their professional communities, NASA, and Goddard Space Flight Center that they deserve.

To be aware of Goddard, NASA and community award opportunities.

To make sure we know the appropriate awards/prizes for our civil servant and contactor personnel and staff.

To facilitate getting the deserving people nominated for the right prizes.

To communicate traits and achievements that are important for specific awards; to help build award potential in order to promote diversity in award nominations.

To identify people within the division and external to the division who can help write nominations.

To communicate our division awardees to Goddard senior management and to the external community.

To encourage and facilitate our employees to become members of nominating committees in order to promote recognition of deserving personnel by outside organizations.