Yuni Lee

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Yuni Lee

  • 301.286.1556
  • Mail Code: 699
  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
  • Research Interests

    Planetary upper atmosphere and plasma environment

    Dr. Lee is an expert in 3D numerical modeling of the planetary exospheres and magnetospheres. Her Ph.D. thesis focused on 3D numerical simulation of the Martian hot atomic corona using a Direct Simulation Monte Carlo model and understanding the photochemical escape and the coupling processes in the thermosphere, ionosphere and exosphere. She also works on a multi-fluid hall Magnetohydrodynamic model for Mars to investigate the plasma environment around Mars and its solar wind interaction.
    Dr. Lee’s main research interests are studies of the structure and variability of the planetary upper atmosphere, its interaction with the plasma flow from the planet’s host star, and atmospheric loss on various timescales (i.e., current and evolutionary aspects). She is also interested in understanding and characterizing the current atmospheric conditions and mechanisms that induce the atmospheric loss by using numerical models and data.


    10/2018 - Present

    Assistant research scientist

    UMBC/CRESST II/GSFC, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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