James A Klimchuk

James A Klimchuk

  • 301.286.9060 | 301.286.7194
  • Mail Code: 671
  • Greenbelt , MD 20771
  • Employer: NASA
  • Research Interests

    Solar Physics

    Dr. Klimchuk’s research mostly concerns the structure, heating, stability, and dynamics of the outer solar atmosphere, including active regions, loops, prominences, flares, and coronal mass ejections. He places strong emphasis on the important link between theory and observation, using observations to both motivate and test his theoretical ideas. His theoretical work includes analytical modeling and numerical simulation of hydrodynamic and MHD systems. His observational work includes analysis and interpretation of imaging, spectroscopic, and polarimetric data in the soft X-ray, UV, visible, and radio wavebands.



    2008 - Present

    Research Astrophysicist

    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Heliophysics Science Division , Greenbelt, MD
    2007 - Present

    Affiliate Research Professor

    George Mason University, School of Physics, Astronomy, and Computational Sciences , Fairfax, VA
    1994 - 2008


    Naval Research Laboratory, Space Science Division, Washington, DC
    1990 - 1994

    Senior Research Scientist and Assistant Director

    Stanford University, Center for Space Science and Astrophysics, Stanford, CA
    1987 - 1990

    Research Associate

    Stanford University, Center for Space Science and Astrophysics, Stanford, CA
    1985 - 1987

    National Research Council Cooperative Research Associate

    Naval Research Laboratory, Space Science Division, Washington, DC
    1981 - 1985

    Graduate Research Assistant

    National Center for Atmospheric Research, High Altitude Observatory, Boulder, CO
    1979 - 1981

    Graduate Research Assistant

    University of Colorado, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, CO


    Ph.D. Astrophysics, University of Colorado, 1985
    B.A. Physics (magna cum laude), Kalamazoo College, 1979

    Professional Service

     American Astronomical Society

       Solar Physics Division (SPD), Chair (05-07), Vice-Chair (04-05, 07-08)

       Committee on Astronomy and Public Policy (07-12)

       SPD Committee (95-97, 08-10)

       SPD Nominating Committee, Chair (00-01), member (92-93)

     SPD Annual Meeting Scientific Organizing Committee, Chair (05, 08)   

       SPD Policy and Advocacy Liaison (11-12)

    American Geophysical Union

       Space Physics and Aeronomy Section, President (13-15), Pres.-Elect (10-12), Past-Pres.


       Council Leadership Team (13-15)

       Council (10-15)

       Union Fellows Committee (17-19)

       Mission Alignment Project Team (10-12)

       Scientific Trends Task Force (14)

       Program Committee (04-05, 07-08)

       Space Weather Journal Editor-in-Chief Search Committee (14)

       SPARC Award Selection Committee (12)

    International Astronomical Union

       Commission 10 (Solar Activity), President (06-09), Vice-Pres. (03-06), Committee


       Division II (Sun and Heliosphere), Vice-Pres. (09-12), Committee (06-09)


       Heliophysics Advisory Committee (HPAC) (17-present)

       Solar and Heliospheric Management Operations Working Group, Chair (10-16),

           Committee (00-01)

       Sun-Earth Connections Advisory Subcommittee (01-04)

       Solar Management Operations Working Group (92-96)

       Sun-Earth Connections Roadmap Committee (99-00)

       Living With a Star TR&T Steering Committee (07)

       Living With a Star Focused Science Team Leader (07-10)

       STEREO Mission Science Definition Team (97-98)

       GSFC Deputy Director's Council on Science (08-10)


       Astronomy Division Committee of Visitors (07-08)

       National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) Modeling and Data Assimilation Site

           Visit Review Team (16)

       NCAR High Altitude Observatory (HAO) External Advisory Committee (12-15)

       NCAR - HAO Site Visit Review Team (11)

       National Optical Astronomy Observatory - National Solar Observatory

           AURA Management Review Committee (06)


       Solar Physics (journal) Advisory Board, Chair (21-present), member (00-present)

    Solar Physics (journal) Editor-in-Chief Selection Committee, Chair (21)

       Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research, NJIT, Advisory Committee (15-present)

       National Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (02-03)

       Semi-Annual Coronal Loops Workshop Series, Founder, Steering Committee Chair

           (10-12), Committee (12-15), SOC (02, 04, 07, 09, 11, 22)

       Triennial Earth Sun Summit meeting series, Founder, Co-Chair (15), Committee (18, 22)

       Solar, Helio., and Interplanetary Environment (SHINE) Steering Committee (01-04)

       SHINE Coronal Mass Ejections Working Group, Leader (00-01)

       National Security Space Weather Architecture Study Team, Solar Co-chair (97-99)

       National Space Weather Program Implementation Plan Science Working Group (14)

       SECCHI/STEREO Working Group 1 (CME Initiation), Leader (08)

       SOHO-8, Coronal Heating and Structuring Working Group, Leader (99)

       Newark, California Unified School District Board of Education (93-94)

       Office of Naval Research Space Physics Working Group (92)

       Numerous meeting scientific organizing committees, including Chair (93-present)

       Numerous NASA and NSF Peer Review Panels, including Chair (89-present)


    Professional Societies

    American Astronomical Society and Solar Physics Division , 1983 - Present
    American Geophysical Union, 1990 - Present
    International Astronomical Union, 1991 - Present
    Royal Astronomical Society (Honorary Fellow), 2006 - Present


    Honorary Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (2006)

    John C. Lindsay Memorial Award for Space Science (2013)

    NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (2012)

    AGU Honorary Parker Lecture (2021)

    NASA Group Silver Achievement Medal, Parker Solar Probe (2019)

    NASA Goddard Special Act Individual Award, TESS (2015)

    NASA Group Achievement Award, EUNIS (2015)

    NASA Goddard Exceptional Achievement Science Team Award, EUNIS (2015)

    NASA Goddard Special Act Award, Leadership (2010)

    NASA Group Achievement Award, Sun-Earth Con. Roadmap Team (2000)

    Solar Physics Division / AAS Studentship Award (1984)

    Hornbeck Prize for Achievement in Advanced Physics (1979)

    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Prize in Science and Math (1974)

    Numerous invited talks and keynote addresses at international conferences


    Teaching Experience

    11 post-docs

    10 graduate students (co-advisor)

    3 undergraduate students

    1 high school student

    Principal external examiner for 3 PhD defenses



    13 NASA Research and Analysis grants, NASA
    Grant Amount: $4.519M
    DoD Space Test Program grant, DoD
    Grant Amount: $6.180M
    2 Naval Research Lab internal grants, NRL
    Grant Amount: $2.019M
    5 GSFC competed grants, NASA GSFC
    Grant Amount: $3.576M

    Other Professional Information


    203 papers (148 refereed)

    Citations: 12,530 (Google Scholar), 9621 (ADS)

    H-index: 59 (Google Scholar), 53 (ADS)

    Papers cited > 100 times: 35 (Google Scholar)

    Bibliography available upon request



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