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Yoseline Betzaida Angel Lopez

(Post-Doctoral Associate)

Yoseline Betzaida Angel Lopez's Contact Card & Information.
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Greenbelt, MD 20771

Brief Bio

Scientist and engineer. Dr. Yoseline Angel has experience modeling plant functional traits and plant-environmental interactions using in-situ, UAV, airborne, and spaceborne imaging spectroscopy technology. Her expertise includes monitoring crop status-productivity and plant health in desertic, forest, and wetland habitats. In addition to her research career, which started in 2016, Yoseline has ten years of experience as an engineer managing and developing multidisciplinary Geographic Information System (GIS) projects in the O&G industry, spatially characterizing ecosystems and conservation areas in the Orinoco and Amazon basins, implementing high-accuracy GNSS field networks, and lecturing remote sensing and GIS.


Research Interests

Remote sensing of biosphere vegetation

Earth Science: Biosphere Vegetation Physiology & Function

Modeling plant functional traits and plant-environmental interactions from hyperspectral remote sensing products to support ecological and agriculture mapping and monitoring across spatiotemporal scales.


2021 Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering - KAUST

2012 Master in Geomatics - National University of Colombia

2006 Cadastral Engineer and Geodesist - District University 'Francisco Jose de Caldas'


Global Winner / NASA SpaceApps Challenge COVID-19, 2020

Category: Food for Thought, Project: SOSQUA-Harvesting beyond food



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