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Yoseline Betzaida Angel Lopez

(Post-Doctoral Associate)

Org Code: 618

Mail Code: 618
Greenbelt, MD 20771


Brief Bio

Scientist and engineer. Dr. Yoseline Angel has experience modeling plant functional traits and plant-environmental interactions using in-situ, UAV, airborne, and spaceborne imaging spectroscopy technology. Her expertise includes monitoring crop status-productivity and plant health in desertic, forest, and wetland habitats. 

Yoseline has 10 years of experience as an engineer managing and developing multidisciplinary Geographic Information System (GIS) projects in the O&G industry, spatially characterizing ecosystems and conservation areas in the Orinoco and Amazon basins, implementing high-accuracy GNSS field networks, and lecturing remote sensing and GIS.


Research Interests

Remote sensing of biosphere vegetation

Earth Science: Biosphere Vegetation Physiology & Function

Modeling plant functional traits and plant-environmental interactions from hyperspectral remote sensing products to support ecological and agriculture mapping and monitoring across spatiotemporal scales.


2021 Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering - KAUST

2012 Master in Geomatics - National University of Colombia

2006 Cadastral Engineer and Geodesist - District University 'Francisco Jose de Caldas'


Global Winner / NASA SpaceApps Challenge COVID-19, 2020

Category: Food for Thought, Project: SOSQUA-Harvesting beyond food



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