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Stephan Randolph Kawa


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Phone: 301.614.6004
Org Code: 614
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Greenbelt, MD 20771
Employer: EMERITUS

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Brief Bio

From a start measuring air quality for industry through graduate studies in atmospheric chemistry near the Earth's surface, a post-doc focussed on stratospheric ozone, and a NASA career in global composition modeling and data analysis, I have always valued research near the interface of observations and theoretical modeling.  Data from remote sensing, in situ, and the laboratory gives us the opportunity to view new things, and comparisons to models, either in agreement or not, enables us to apply the research to understanding problems such as air quality, ozone loss, and global warming for everyone's potential benefit.


Research Physical Scientist

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Greenbelt, MD

1995 - Present

Chemistry and transport of atmospheric trace species; global 3-D modeling and chemistry-along-trajectories for analysis of airborne and satellite data; atmospheric effects of aviation; measurements and modeling of carbon cycle fluxes and transport.

Associate Research Scientist

Universities Space Research Association - Greenbelt, MD

August 1992 - January 1995

Chemistry and transport of stratospheric trace species; three-dimensional global numerical modeling for analysis of aircraft and satellite data.

Research Associate

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science, University of Colorado, Boulder - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Boulder, CO

September 1988 - August 1992

Chemistry and microphysics of atmospheric trace species related to stratospheric ozone loss; development of numerical models for comparison of theory and observations.

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University - Fort Collins, CO

September 1981 - September 1988

Atmospheric chemistry, planetary boundary layer processes, airborne measurement of ozone flux.

Senior Field Technician

Aerovironment Inc. - Pasadena, CA

January 1979 - September 1981

Air Quality Monitoring


1988 - Ph.D. - Colorado State University, Department of Atmospheric Science
1985 - M.S. - Colorado State University, Department of Atmospheric Science
1972 - B.A. - University of Chicago, Biology

Professional Societies

American Geophysical Union

1983 - Present

American Meteorological Society

Colorado State University Chapter President, 1984-1985

1981 - Present


NASA Group Achievement Awards (9), 1991-2011
Goddard Exceptional Achievement Award for CO2 Sounder, 2007
Goddard Special Act Award for Leading Mission Concept Study, 2007
Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres, Technology Achievement (Peer) Award, 2006
Goddard Laboratory for Atmospheres, Scientific Achievement (Peer) Award, 1998
Distinguished Graduate Award, National Catholic Educational Association, 1998
NOAA ERL Outstanding Scientific Paper Award, 1995
AGU Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Refereeing, 1994
Colorado Fellowship, 1983

Selected Publications


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