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Savannah L Strong


Savannah L Strong's Contact Card & Information.
Phone: 301.286.5191
Org Code: 606.3
Mail Code 606.3
Greenbelt, MD 20771
Employer: InuTeq, LLC

Brief Bio

Savannah is a senior computer scientist currently working for ASRC as a NASA contractor. She was raised around the halls of bldg 3-14 on the Goddard Spaceflight Facility where her father worked helping design and implement the communications system between NASA Mission Control and Apollo spacecraft crews in the 60s so it was no surprise when she pursued a career at NASA. Over the last 43 years of working at GSFC she’s had a multitude of exciting and interesting opportunities focusing on software development, Database architecture, Systems Integration testing, and expert system development for the automation of spacecraft command and control. More recently she's been involved with supporting the ILab team focused on ML (AI) efforts as it applies to earth sciences modeling.


BS in Computer Science, University of Maryland.


·     Inventive Contribution to the NASA granted Patent No. 9,940,329 entitled “System and Method for Providing a Climate Data Persistence Service”, April 20, 2018.

·     Acknowledgment for software testing in the Bulletin of American Meteorological Society (BAMS) published paper entitled “Enabling Reanalysis Research Using the Collaborative Reanalysis Technical Environment (CREATE)”, April 2018.

·     CSC Corporate Award for Technical Excellence: “Automated Lights-Out Operations”, Spring 2000.

·     CSC Civil Group President’s Technical Excellence Award: “Automated Lights Out Satellite Operations Team”, Fall 1999.

·     NASA Space Act Award: “For the creative development of a scientific contribution which has been determined to be of significant value in the advancement of the aerospace technology program of NASA, and is entitled: Genie -- Generic Inferential Executor.”, Fall 1999.

·     Hubble Space Telescope 3A Servicing Mission award (NASA): “In recognition of the outstanding commitment which assured the highly successful mission” Fall 1999.

·     Goddard Space Flight Center Group Achievement Award: “In recognition of demonstrated dedication, superb management and outstanding technical expertise in developing, implementing, testing and bringing to a fully operational status the large-scale, complex, and mission critical WIND ground data system.”, May 1995.

Special Experience

  • Software design, implementation, installation, configuration and test.
  • All levels of functional, system, integration, and result verification testing of various applications.
  • Generic process modeling with non-procedural methods (rules, scripting languages).
  • Database architecture and sql development.
  • System validation, problem solving and troubleshooting.
  • User Support.
  • Metadata analysis and complex process modeling for various formats of spacecraft data.
  • Application liaison to operations.
  • Team Lead and Training.
  • Configuration Management and system administration.
  • Authoring Technical Documents.
  • Jupyter Lab, Jupyter Notebooks.
  • JIRA Task management software.
  • Building and running Containers.
  • Website development.
  • Video creation and editing for science stories and tutorials
  • In Studio recording and mixing of Audio content (voiceover and music)

Talks, Presentations and Posters


Heat Waves

2, 2015

This science story spotlights the UV-CDAT (Ultrascale Visualization Climate Data Analysis Tool) and explores how climatologists are utilizing it to investigate the space and time extent of these potentially catastrophic weather events.